Friday 30th May

What: not much today, may be dragged out by training partner for 4 or 5 this pm

Why: Half Marathon Sunday

Last hard: Tues

Last rest: 13 days


  • Rest day for me today!

    Last rest: 14 days

    Last hard: Tues
  • 3 miles-its HOT

    Then hopefully a walk tonight
  • Nowt.
  • V Smug as am back from early morning run!!

    Most unusual for me!

    6 miles, including 10 x 2 min "fast" intervals with 1 min recoveries

    Why 2nd attempt at "intro to speedwork" in hope of breaking 50 mins at 10k race

    5 weeks to go!

    Agree H - v v hot!!
  • Morning.

    What: am: Fast 5 miles, pm swim
    Why: Tri training
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Monday

    Enjoy the sunshine!
  • Morning All!

    What: Hopefully going to try to fit in a six miler tonight.
    Why: Milage very down this week.

    Last Rest: Monday
    Last hard: Wednesday
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    what: pm, 4/5 mile easy
    why: 1/2 marathon on Sunday
    last rest: Tuesday
    last hard: Monday
  • Now I dont normally post 2nd time round, but having just done my 5 miler, I will say that im totally happy with the time 32:32, the reason

    1. Have just done a 12hr shift so little tired
    2.Yesterdays speedwork session was very hard
    3.Had to cross 2 roundabouts and 3 sets of traffic lights, loosing time.
    4. and its bloody hot!!!!!

    Looks as if things are coming together with the last few months of injury and physio treatments;-)
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Beautiful day!

    What: 3.5 miles easy-ish.
    Why: a) it's too hot to flog myself, b) body seems to have gone into mutiny this week, c) I need to do my long run tomorrow as we're out all day Sunday, so I don't want to push it too hard today.
    Last hard: Tuesday.
    Last rest: Wednesday.

    Feel as if all the training and preparation I put in to building up to Monday's 10K (which I was forced to miss) has vaporised: feel tired, heavy, and sluggish this week. Hopefully feel better next week!

    Have a good weekend everyone, and good luck to all racing.
  • sfh legssfh legs ✭✭✭
    hi fellow trainers

    what: treadmill intervals - 8*800m @ 8-10% above 10k race pace

    yesterday's question inviting guesses as to what i'm training for was not a trick question. Thing is I don't really know...only got 10k type races in the calendar at the moment but want to seriously improve my HM time... confused - so am I, hence seeking guidance as to what track I was currently on.

    Oh, and anyone got any tips on how to improve Lactic acid destruction capability? I find I can move into an anaerobic state for quite a time (eg up a long hill where I often overtake people) BUT to return to an aerobic state I have to slow down a lot after reaching the top/flat bits - All the folks I pass on the way up overtake me again. Should I be doing intervals with shorter recoveries?


    oh and well done Popsider!

  • Morning all.

    Today I shall be RESTING!!!!!!
    First proper rest since Thursday last week.

    Hope the weather gets a bit cooler for my extra-long plod on Sunday.

    That's about all, really. Have fun.
  • What: Half hour/hour round the woods

    Why: still keeping it simple while i try and get a grip on this FF strike

    Last Hard: Mon

    Last Rest: Yesterday, ankle area felt a bit stiff so rather than risk it as i have many times before and been layed up for a week after i decided not to chance it

    Woke up a 4.20 this morning felt wide awake and decided if i was still awake at 5 i would get up and go for a run (this would have been my first pre-work run) needless to say i was not awake at 5, whether i would have gone had i have been awake is another story
  • What : zilch, nada, nuffink, etc.
    Why : Think this bug is on its way out so I'll start training on Sunday as I've got a wedding to go to over the weekend

    Have a good weekend all, and best of luck to you racers.

    BTW My battles with the squirrel continue....
  • Today is a rest day for me also.

    Last Hard:?
    Last rest: last Friday
    Why: probably burn some meat and veg on the BBQ this evening instead.
  • Oooh, let me join the Rest Day gang.

    Why: It's on the schedule, and it's hot.
  • Hi Peeps,

    what: rest from tready today, doing some weight training later.

    Peeps, I have a question for you. ( it remains me to put one thread out)

    Do you run faster/easier on a treadmill or outside? I feel like I am faster running outside. Inodoors the miles don't come easy. What do you think?

    Have a great day!
  • Xerxes,

    I am sorry to hear that you are finding hard to run. Have you had a look at the article on the front page?
  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    Two hours cross country in the sun starting at 2:15pm
  • Today: rest as well.
    Have been building up intensity and frequency in the past couple of weeks and am starting to feel tired. Long run tomorrow, and then an easier week ending with a 10k next Sunday.
  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    Back...............brilliant, what a day.........I really enjoyed that!!
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Bravo Xerxes. Reached escape velocity then.

    Resting. Have had a sore throat for some time that refuses to develop into a cold, but last night's sweats and shivers and today's lassitude have convinced me that I need time off.

    So spent much of the day in an abrasive way with sandpaper and scrapers and a now (much tidier) white violin. The cello has come home and needs the same - aargh - cellos are simply huge and take ages to scrape and sand. Cross training for fingers and thumbs, and in the case of cellos, it comes to all in wrestling, trying to find a way to hold the thing.

    Probably help the beginners sailing tomorrow and deal with the cello Sunday, so may not post. All the best, racers!
  • Xerxes,
    what do you mean 'dragged off' ........?
  • Lovely day to sit in the garden!

    What: braved IKEA with tantrumming (tantruming?) niece and sister; moved rubbish out of house/garden/yard; did 40 mins of stretching (Ok, it's yoga, didn't want to mention it because I sound like a skipping CD!), I can hold my feet, and do press ups on my fingers!

    Why: paintballing tomorrow, don't want to over-exert before the big event!

    Going to run in evening (if rain comes), do a small one, or long one on Sunday evening after watching Sheffield Marathon.
    Good luck all who do it! (barnsleyrunner, etc)
  • Well done on being able to hold your feet Dan. Can you hold your beer now?
  • Never could see the point in getting changed and then having to shower etc JUST for a 3 or 4 mile run. Until tonight . Race on Sunday but beautiful weather so out I trot for a 4 miler around Cannon Hall park, Yorkshire. BUTIFULL
  • Hi Guys

    V late in posting - on holiday, todays X training was going to West Mids Safari Park. Ran tonight, lovely conditions, only downside was the flies. Did 6 miles 1 warm-up, then next four at increasing efforts, 1m cool down. Enjoyed!

    Last rest - Wed
    Last Hard - Tue

    10k race on Sun - Sinfin Classic
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