Friday 30th May



  • Back from 2 days in mid-Wales.

    Definitely picked the wrong hotel in Rhayader - we had a choice between the Elan Valley Hotel and the one we actually chose. Don't know how I managed to miss the bit in the advertising blurb for the former, which said they specialised in breaks for RUNNERS.
    V annoyed. Even more so when getting a shave this morning in the bathroom at the other hotel, smelt something hot & looked down to see the plastic casing on the shaver lead melting. What a dump. I'm billing them for a new shaver - if they don't oblige, I'll arrange an extended visit from the Health and Safety people.
    Apart from that, a very nice holiday, even if I managed no mileage whatsoever. Stopped at Lake Vyrnwy on the way back. Did a lap round the lake (in the car!) and spotted the mile markers (painted in the road) for the marathon on Sunday.
    Will read any race reports with interest as that looks to be a tough course to do mentally - nice and flat, but 2 laps of the lake in scenery which, however pleasant and sheltered and wooded, never changes and just seems to go on forever.

    Got back this evening, and with cricket tomorrow, just had to get out and get some mileage in. So:

    what: 9.3K, trying to work hard
    why: missing days at the moment and Birkenhead Park is only 5 days away

    last hard day: Tue/Wed
    last rest day: Thu
    last long(ish) day: Sun
  • should add that I managed 37:09 - pb for the year, but still nowhere near as fast as it was going to be before general weariness from the long(ish) drive back & longer day set in.
    Legs do seem to want to go q fast at the moment.....I am encouraged...
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