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We currently live in North London and are thinking about crossing the river to SE London, possibly Brockley/Ladywell area. Just wondering where is good to run, is this a good area to live, top tips on the SE area? People are pretty territorial about where they live, so I'm just interested to see what this throws up really!

Thanks x


  • Somewhere within striking distance of Richmond Park!
  • Oh if only Mike Frog! That's south west, we can only afford south east image
  • If wish to be really central SE17 Elephant and Castle less than 2 miles from Westminster. Still cheap as the redevelopment has only just started.  Close to Thames so towpath runs easily accessible.  Burgess Park OK for shorter runs.
  • Thanks BBH. E&C might be a little too 'urban' for us, we are thinking a bit more residential, with a little one to think of. Great to be close to the river though, so many running options...hmmmm. Does it still have that great big pink elephant shopping centre?!
  • Depends on the money really....... I am SE12 and it is about £160k for a two bed flat round here but a mile down the road in SE3 it is nearer £300k

    Some bits of Forest Hill are nice, Brockley has good and bad bits.......quite a bit of new development going on,,,,,,only problem is the crap transport really,,,,,,no tube unless you head for Woolwich so Charlton is going up in value......... pick a rough area and I can be more precise

  • Plum - we were thinking of Brockley/Ladywell, not sure what the postcode is.
  • SE4 is Brockley...... Ladywell is part of Lewisham so is SE13................... there are some nice and some nasty bits of both,,,,,,,,,, , I have a friend who has Estate Agencies in in Brockley, Blackheath and Greenwich I could get you in contact if you want
  • I'm in Honor Oak. It's nice round here.
  • Nowt nice about Lewisham fro what I remember unless its changes alot same goes for E&C.  Brockley was nice tho.
  • Ah, yes Honor Oak does seem nice. Is it good for running? I imagine hill training's not a problem there...
  • Mmm Brockley is improving.  Ladywell is still a bit crappy.  I used to live in Sydenham/Crystal Palace.  It's nice round there if you stay up the Crystal Palace bit.  Nice big park there and lots of hills for hill training.

    Forest hill is a bit dodgy in places especially around the big housing estate as you go towards the Sydenham end.  Mr Shimm's best mate lives there and he is getting ready to move as his kids are getting older and he doesn't want them growing up in Forest Hill.

  • Plum - that would be great, we will be looking in earnest soon, so it will be good to have a friendly agent on our side!

    Shimmy - that's great: where's crap/rough, where's not. Not looked at Crystal Palace, might be worth a look then, there's a great pool there isn't there?
  • Crystal Palace is pretty nice really.  I used to live down the hill as you go towards Sydeham, in Lawrie Park Gardens.  There are some nice places round there.  There is a dodgy housing estate out the back of Lawrie Park gardens which I would avoid.

    If you go through Sydenham there are some nice victorian houses to the right of the high street towards Penge way.  Penge is pretty grotty, I would avoid there but if you go towards Beckenham it gets really nice.... and pricey.

    To give you an idea of price round there, we sold our 2 bed flat for £185,000 5 years ago.

    They were doing up the sports centre last year.  It has a big pool and running track.  

    Edit cos I'm writing like a 3 year old today.

  • Near a track is always good - as above and Ladywell too (Kent AC)

    Crystal Palace - reminds me of the old runs I used to do with Herne Hill on a Sunday am from Tooting Bec - streatham Common - Crown point - around CP, up that bloody hill and back to Tooting. Good times image

  • Simon - you're really selling it to me now!

    Shimmy - my typing is erratic due to trying to keep a three year old entertained, same thing really image I shall get on Rightmove this evening and check out those areas, good advice re: estates etc.
  • It's nice for running, yeah. There's One Tree Hill, around Peckham Rye, Crystal Palace is down the road.

    I don't think Forest Hill's that dodgy. As I say, I like HOP. It's a happy medium when living in a city. Wouldn't live in Brockley if you want to get the train into work, though.

  • On the whole Forest Hill is okay, just stay away from the housing estate. 

    Grove Park and Downham are okay too, we are getting a bit further out now.  Grove Park has a train station and good buses.  Mr Shimms Gran used to live there.   You get a few kids on their silly scooters but it's generally quiet.

    Ah Simon,  Tooting.  Now that is a great place. I used to live in Tooting Broadway, I loved it.  Wimbledon is nice too.  *sigh* I used to live right behind the Centre Court Shopping Centre.  Fantastic place to live.  But very, very, very expensive  *big sigh* image

  • I used to live in Tooting Broadway, too. I also loved it. Bit grotty, but realllllly loved it.
  • it's the grottiness that sort of adds to it in a strange way. 
  • And the people. They guy who owned the Costcutter before it was sold off was really nice.
  • I lived in Streatham Common in 2000-2001 - bit grotty but getting better.

    A nice 3 storey townhouse with balcony overlooking Tooting Bec Common would be nice - just nice for training with Herne Hill at the track down the road..mmm.....

  • Oh yes, a '3 storey townhouse with balcony' is exactly what we're looking for image
  • Tooting is SW London, though.
  • and you pay for the postcode.

    But they do have 3 storey townhouses with balconys in SE London, but they are turned into flats within 2 minutes.  Just look at Crystal Palace.  

    edit cos i'm still spelling like a flippin' 3 year old.

  • I really like my house. Shame I can't afford to pay £430,000 for one of my own!!
  • Ha ha

    Yes I was daydreaming about the Bec 3 need some dosh for one of them!!

  • I'm dreaming of a house on Parkside Ave in Wimbledon, right on the common

  • Ap - shopping centre still there but was painted red for Red Nose Day about 10 years ago.  Whole thing to be demolished soon.  Already scary high rise building with 3 circles on summit and which is across vast swathes of south London has been built on what used to be one of the best pizza restuarants in London - Pizza Catello - although do now have a brilliant Chinese restuarant to compensate.
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