• Beside myself excited image Always thought of doing a marathon but didn't like the sound of New York or London, just not me. Then I found this one, superb! Entered the marathon and will aim for the Goofy 2012 I hope. Never run a marathon before! Very fit, run round in circles, always gyming, cycling and now biulding up the running. Training every other day (3 or 4 days a week) and have a 16 week programme I will put into full effect on the run up.

    I have told Disney I will supply times in a couple of months as I have two 10k and two 10 mile races booked. I'm assuming it makes a big difference giving times or you will end up very far back in the starting line up and take ages to start? I'm aiming for sub 5 hopefully closer to 4 1/2.

     Has anyone stayed outside Disney before - 20 mins or so. I have stayed in an appartment with family about 20mins away before and it will prove far more reasonable (lots of family seem to be coming with me to support - no one offered when I said I may think about london marathon image

    Husband will drop me morning of race so I don't have to worry about car etc.

    Any suggestions or am I now just rambling with excitment image

    Will any of you meet prior to Disney - locations depending obviously.

  • Hello Hello, been offline for months. exams. poo.

    Glad to see someone started a 2011 thread. I'm doing goofy, again, despite my knee hurting after 100m into the marathon.

     I really want the medals.

     So which mickey medal did you all vote for? I voted for the all gold one, (the one with the cool shape!)

     I shall now read back and see what the rest of you are up to.

    BTW anyone doing california half this september?

  • Do you actually need to give real times? No idea to be honest if they check what you put. All I know is that Pen B is sub_4 and that, and pen A Start at 5:40am, whereas the others start 10 mins later. Still a bit of a jaunt to cross the start line.
    I was never asked for any proof even at the Expo.
  • Ok, so its accommadation questions, and excited bunnies.

    Hubby and I do things a little differently to slowfoot. We tend to spend a big chunk of hubbys bonus on our disney trip. We do the Disney onsite hotels, the good ones. This year we're staying at beach club for a few days, before moving to boardwalk (a 1 bedroom with spa bath!).

    To the excited bunnies, this race is great, very much worth the expense. uk races really do pale in comparison.

  • For those who have already completed the full marathon.
    Could you clarify the starting line up.....
    Pen B sub 4 hrs start 5.30
    Pen A sub ? Start 5.40
    Everyone else?

    Has everyone entered race times on registration?
  • when I did it in 2009 I was in Pen B with a 4hr target, I think Pen A was sub 3:30. If you cant provide proof of a sub 5:30  time then you are put with the masses in the other pens - they all start at the same time just takes a while to get to the fireworks at the start.

    Excellent race and only boring bit is the back of Animal Kindom where you are on a service road

  • Thanks JPenno I'll def be providing sub 5hr time to try and avoid the masses but can't make it to a 4hr target. Maybe in 2012 I'll aim for 4! image
  • Pens A and B start at 5:40am (Godsend when it's -5C and you're freezing to death!)

    Everyone else 10 minutes later at 5:50am.

    The AK bit isn't too bad.  There was the trampoline, some signs to read, and a nice feed station with bananas and ice cold Gatorade with ice floating in it where it had frozen! 
    At least you know the Hollywood Studios and the Boardwalk are only a few miles out and they are great to run through when the sun comes out. 

    Being with the masses isn't really a problem for a lot of the race.  The roads can be 4-8 lanes wide in places, although running around some of the backlots, things do narrow to 1-2 lanes.
    If you do the half, first real bottleneck is just after the first water station which is right before an off ramp which really gets narrow and crowded.

    Remember, if you're not too fussed about a time, bring a camera as plenty of photo ops such as Cinderalla, Prince Charming and the Fairy Godmother at the castle, plenty of Mickey and Co, Tiana in Frontierland etc.  Or if you're doing both, do the photos during the half and run the full as the same characters are generally out and about, although maybe a few less Mickeys.

    Will try and do it again in 2012.  Got NYC this year which is costing more than nearly 2 weeks in Florida!

  • This year all participants will be given a free park ticket for the Monday morning but you may need to wear your medal//medals if you don't want to look out of place.

     Expect lots of woo's and high fives and there will be special treats for runners

  • gosh. where did you get this link? what a nice ideaim so indecisive I cant decide. What did you go for?

  • I am not doing it this year but would have voted 1 or 2 as it matches my tattoo image


  • Whoooarrrimage
  • I went for 2, as its a really cool shape.

    Nice tattoo!

  • /members/images/411594/Gallery/medal.jpg

    The 2011 marathon has been chosen, can't wait to get my hands on it!

  • Ditto thatimage
  • Hi, my oh and I are aiming for 2012.  Do you know what the cut off time is for the half and the full if you want to get the goofy medal?  My oh is not the quickest of runners but we don't wan to go all that way do both races and not get the goofy medal (especially at that cost)

    Am excited already, LOL

  • You need to keep up 16 minute mile pace. For the half you need to do it in 3.5 hours and the full in 7 hours. Although, I'm not sure how strict they are with that.
  • Thanks, am sure we can manage that.  Thanks. Any other tips?
  • Last year there was alot of talk about booking into the pre race warm tent and post race massage etc for more megabucks. When you do you go about organizing that ? and does it have to be done from this side of the pond?

  • Fizz, you're talking about Runner's retreat. I paid for that, and it was very well worth it. You get a private bag check, so when it started sleeting we all grabbed our bags back so we could wear more layers for the raceimage Also it has private loos (which means much shorter queues). 

    The best bit was the free hot choclate/coffee/tea to warm up before and after the race.

     Runner's retreat will be available online later this year on the same area you used to register for the race itself.

    For those who are hiring a car, the other option is to stay in the car until just before the race starts.

    RB, what other questions do you have, I'm sure someone will know the answer.

  • Fizz

    The only issue with the runners retreat is the price as its a bit on the expensive side I think about £70 last year I used it the first year it was started and its something you can do without if your looking at saving a few quid

  • My boyfriend and I are doing the half marathon in 2011, it's our first time and we're super excited image 

    We quite fancy staying in a Disney hotel, but we also want to be able to visit the other parks (Universal and Sea World) and we don't know if this is possible if we don't hire a car. Does anyone know how easy it is to get public transport to the other parks from Disney? Any tips from experienced Disney runners gratefully received!

  • If you want to go to universal, theres a ticket with transfer for sale online. Basically it's the same as a ticket for universal, but it comes with bus transfers to/from your disney hotel.


    I've never been to seaworld. I believe from the ticket and transportation centre you can get busses into town, and then change to a bus going to seaworld, but I've never done it myself.

  • Anna

    Public transport at Disney resort is very very limited and not that reliable As for seaworld its at the bottom of International Drive so about 20mins from Disney there is no public transport to get there from Disney.  To make sure you can get to all the parks  I would suggest staying at a non Disney hotel and use a car

  • Hi all - I havent been on this site since my London marathon run this year!!

    I have booked on to do the goofy challenge. I love the challenge more than the run, so decided to do something difference as I have done a marathon. (god only knows what i am going to do next! lol)

    The advice on here is great. I have been to disney many  times, so will trade some of my disney knowledge for goofy/ marathon weekend knowledge.

    good luck everyone


  • hi everyone image im so glad i registered to this site and had a nose roud the forums lol image

    did not know this even existed! but now im gonna aim for the goofy challenge for 2012 image am a little excited already and its over a year away lol, i think this will really bring out the big kid in me image

    but good luck to everyone doing it this, and will deffo keep popping on here to keep up to date with everyone and how you al get on image

  • started the full training last week. doing the hal higdon intermediate, but have also joined a gym to do some strength work and other aerobic stuff (cross trainer/ treadmill when the weather is crap etc)

    how is everyone else doing? 

  • Runners retreat announced.. bit pricey tho, not sure i can stretch to that on top of everything else. May just go for the marathon retreat raher than both.

     Announcement and Details, inc prices

    Training has started albeit a tad gingerly image

  • I am like you, it seems a bit expensive at $175. I have read/ heard that it is not that good value. Chances are I will sit in my car until 30mins before the race and join the start line and will meet up with the family after.

    Did my longest run this weekend since my london marathon...the last couple of miles of the 12 miler hurt a tad!!!
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