Is it in through the nose out through the mouth??? so what do the nasal strips achieve???


  • I'm no expert .. but you cant get as much air into your lungs by breathing through your nose. They used to say on cold days it would heat the air up before it got to your lungs .. no idea if there is any truth in that. I think the nasal strips just make it easier to breath if you have a problem.
  • DD that rings bells...The reason that Arab horses have a shorter head than English plods is apparently because the English plods need to warm up the air before it reaches the lungs when they are galloping - whereas the Arabs don't. Bet you're glad you've just read that.

    I think if your nose is held open with those things then you can get even more air up it than if it isn't but as I gasp for air through nose and mouth its academic. They are meant to help you stop snoring tho.
  • I think IN the OUT is sufficient for most of us. I find if I suck it in it goes through mouth and nose - when not trying hard then more through the nose.

    The strips are supposed to help the top 10% be a fraction of a % better - the difference between a world record or not. For the rest of us they just look silly.
  • Karen,
    The nose strips your talking about work by increasing the width of the nostrils (by holding them open) thus reducing resistance to breathing in through the nose due to small air ways. The reason people say your suposed to breath through the nose is to warm the air as DD and SS say but also because the hairs in the nasal passages (there are microscopic ones further in as well as the ones we can see) help trap unwanted particles like dust etc. The idea is then to breath out through the mouth were the airways are larger and thus expel the air more effieciently. All this said, when we're all pounding round puffing like we need four extra lungs the most important thing is to get the air in by the fastest means possible! therefore don't worry about using your mouth for either in or out - as with most things what ever feels comfortable will work. So don't concentrate to hard on it and let your body find its own way.

    Hope this helps
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