Tewkesbury Half-Marathon

Thinking about doing this one.

Anyone done this event previously?
Any comments good or bad?


  • Alright Marmite. Good flat rural course. Worth the trip. Done it twice before.

    Rich O

  • Thanks mate - guess I could have just emailed you and asked!!!

    Think I'll give it a bash.
    Will you be there this year?

  • I'm doing this one again this year. I would agree with Rich O's comments although there is quite a long gentle incline after you turn off the A46.  Traffic was a bit of a nightmare last time (for me at least) but hopefully they've stopped digging up the town centre now.

    Course  - http://www.runsaturday.com/Maps/2887

  • Alright Marmite.

    Not this year mate, Coventry half on May 23rd instead.

    A link below to last years results.

    Rich O


  • do race packs come through the post or are they picked up on the day? Anyone know?

    many thanks in anticipation.


  •  Hi David, not sure this year, but last year we received number & race details through post & collected chips on the day, which seemed well organised.image
  • There was a bit of a queue for the chips when I got there at least....but I was a bit later than planned due to the roadworks! image

  • Cheers Joe, looking forward to this one, its a lovely place and we've even got dinner planned in near by Twynning image

    Fellsurfer..... im always paranoid bout being held up and being late so stoppin 3ks away in a hotel........ family love it cos they'll be able to stuff themselves with breaky as I head to the start and then they can see the race go straight past them just outside. Knowing my lad he'll make a point of letting me see him munching a bacon buttie as I plod past


  • David Robertson5 wrote (see)
    Knowing my lad he'll make a point of letting me see him munching a bacon buttie as I plod past

    Sounds like he knows how to amuse/wind up his dad!! image

    Seems like the arrangements will be the same as last year, as I just got an email from the organisers.  Posted here in case anyone hasn't entered yet.

    Dear Tewkesbury Entrant,
    We're pleased to let you know that all race packs have been put in the post over the last three days and your race number, information pack and route map will be with you shortly.
    The race details are exactly the same as last year for those who have been before. For those new to the event the start is in the Tewkesbury Council Office driveway off Gloucester Road with the parking in the playing field adjacent to the start.
    There will also be portaloos at the start but we do not have changing facilities so you should come ready to run.
    The finish area is on the playing fields at the Vines across Gloucester Road and next to the Abbey - this is about 400m walk from the Council Office grounds. The baggage storage area will be located at the finish so you can collect your bag as soon as you finish or you can of course leave your bags in your car if it is a nice warm day.
    There will be catering in the Vines playing field after the run and prize giving will be at the announcers caravan by the finish line.
    Please note as the entry for the half marathon is high there will not be entry on the day so please let your running friends who are thinking of coming along know that they should pre-enter. We will accept entries for the 5-mile run.
    We look forward to seeing you at Tewkesbury - first race going off is the half marathon at 9.30am followed 10 mins later by the 5 mile run on the day.  

  • Lol, couldnt believe that, I posted, then checked me email....... and there it was image Well, do I feel daft.

    Your right Fellsurfer, he knows how to mess with me head, though he is a typical teenager..... he'll be moaning bout not being able to get to his x-box.

    Gonna be a good day guys, just hope weather is kind and not windy........ dont like wind, have got the aerodynamics of a brick.


  • Tempted by this one! Is it too late now if race packs have already gone out?
  • Bunches77, I am pretty sure you can still enter without any problems (entry is via RW anyway).  I guess if it gets too close to race day you can collect your number from registration.  Maybe worth dropping the RO an email to confim - http://www.209events.com/event.php?event=194

    My race pack arrived this morning! image

    9:30 start, need to be there by 9:15......I'm not going to be popular trying to get everyone out of the house in time for that!! image

  • I only entered this race a couple of days ago and received my pack yesterday.  My race number is in the early 1500s and they can handle up to 2000 entries, so I'm sure there will still be some space.
  • Humph!!!!!! image No race pack for me yet, though the post service on Coventry is really dire.
  • I'm sure the race pack is winging its way to you as we speak
  • See you all there Sunday Morning    image
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