city of london road race

Any one do this ? Despite huge organisational efforts (for which we are all very grateful the race went as follows...
1. Women start 10mins before men
2. Men start at rapid pace accompanied by some idiot non runners for first 150m
3. On a very narrow twisting course involving a number of flights of steps, the men catch the women after less than a mile on a narrow footpath.

Resulting in the next 2.5M being a case of the lead men reduced to weaving in and out of women runners/joggers, going out in to the road and jumping over benches/bollards/tourists.
Whilst I appreciate the difficulty in staging such an event this just isn't on, it was very dangerous in parts. For £14 runners deserve to miss I feel next year


  • I managed 20:15 over the 3.5m. I am sure I could have done far better. After 500 meter I already backed off, because the women field started 5 minutes before the men. Hence, you were forced to run slalom. The course was a bit funny too up and down the stairs. If it gets too easy it would be boring! I am sure it is very difficult to organise such an event. I though the start area was okay. There were only a few toilets around the start. It was no problem for me, changed in the nearby gym and left my kit there. Apart from that there was water, warm up and different zones accomodating slower and fast runners. The finish was okay, plenty of volunteers, got a medal, t-shirt, water and
    mars bar. I didn't saw any mile markers, but for a 3.5 run it is not really important. Also no need for water station, 3.5m is too short. My main concern was saftey. There should have been more volunteers on the course. I got pretty scared when I saw a runner almost brought down by a cab.
  • I did this Run last night with some colleagues from work and I Managed to Finish this Run in 22 Minutes although I am sure I would of Finished a lot quicker had there not been so many non runners in front of me and also going over bridges up and down stairs another thing I noticed was that this run wasn't traffic free and going over Blackfrias you also had to get round pedestrians but I still enjoyed the run and a nice medal at he end of it and the satisfaction of finshing ahead of all my work colleagues.
  • I did this run as well in a very slow time due to the reasons above but also because of the number of men who ran straight into me. Not one I would bother with again.
  • Absolutely agree with Allen - the mens race was reduced to a complete farce when it hit the back of the women's race within the first mile.

    I entered the race as part of a team from work. Some of the runners in our team were women running in their first ever race - quite reasonably they had decided to run at a steady sensible pace towards the back of the field. For them to be put in the situation where they were run down and elbowed aside by the elite and mens field was not only entirely unacceptable but was also extremely dangerous to all concerned. I can only hope the experience has not put them off running in future.
  • Does anybody know anything about the result?
  • Results are usually posted on the website But they are not there yet.

  • I can't think of anything dafter than sending the quicker men into the back of the women's race on those narrow paths, it was dangerous. Unless they are going to make it a non-competitive event, you have to give the quicker runners a clear run.
  • See for the results. Had to wait a bit in the funnel and got according to the organisers a 20:20 (61). Considering the course the time doesn't matter. The winner came in 16:47!!!

    There is also a statement from the race director regarding the issues already raised in this thread.
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