Hot spots on ball of foot but no blisters

Hi all, I am finding that I get hot spots on the balls of my feet. I have very high arches and the ball of my foot is therefore rather pronounced. I have never had a blister on the sole of my foot so I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and found a way of dealing with it. Pain starts around 3.5 km or so. I should mention that I do much of my training on a treadmill (15 years of tennis hve done little for my knees).

The pain is tolerable but is noticeable enough to make we keep my maximum distance to 10 kms.

Do people think that the more varied terain of the real world might help, should I use ultraglide or something similar, I already use a footbed and I supernate a bit. 

Any help you can give would be appreciated.


  • Have you tries vaseline on the bottom of your feet. Sounds mad but cape it on before you go out and see if it works. It does for me but we are diffrent
  • how about those gel pads that you can get to go in shoes?
  • I think I will try the vaseline lisa. I imagine it be an interesting feeling. I don't think I will go with the pads though been as I think adding bulk under the foot will make things worse. On the other hand if the vaseline is not successful I will have another look. I would like to build up to 1/2 marathon distance over the next 12 months and at the moment I think this foot soreness is holding me back as mutch as any other factor.

    Thanks for the replies both of you though. image

  • Let me know how you get on. I get it on long runs sometimes so know how you feel. You will get there with determination you can do whatever you want
  • With the gym being closed I took my running to the outside world yesterday. Not a long run and certainly not fast but I felt less problems, I wonder if the treadmill is just samey for my feet. I might keep using it for speed and try running utside a bit more through the summer. It was nice and cold yesterday as well so I didn;t even end up dripping wet like I usually do! I am due I long run though so I will try the vaseline and report back.
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