It's the thought that counts !!!!!!

I was talking with Mrs Legless about how much help and advise I had taken from the various threads I had been party to.
I explained that I never knew that jelly beans were good to nibble on during long runs.
Yesterday as I was getting changed for 10M run she walks into the bedroom with a huge smile on her face
......................................................and presents me with a huge bag of jelly BABIES...........
Bless her little cotton socks.


  • Aw!

    Is she after something?
  • she's always after something Barkles.
    Prob trying to butter me up cos it's her B/day next week.
  • maybe she just likes the fact that you've posted a picture of you shaving your legs.
  • I was actually doing up my sons shoe laces,Pizza Man.
    And she dont need to read the threads Tim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • How did you escape to the PC at this time on a Saturday nite?
  • Half time?
  • I managed a quick PC check after a long stint in the kitchen,then shower, then back down to kick out all the p*** heads.
    I tend to be online at various times of the day from 0900-0200.
  • Fair play,
    It was my turn with the kids last nite. But had to work in the kitchen tonite (who invented paid holidays) & got absolutly hammered, probably won't sleep 'till 4 now.
  • Talking of nibbling on the run have you tried to eat Lucozade energy tablets on the run, I have and nearly chocked, my throat closed up and I was spitting lucozade dust for 5 mins, think i'll stick to before and after and not during.......
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