Calling Reverend Sassie!!!

I appear to have mislaid your contact details :(
Please give me a ring on 07780 707086 if you are free to meet up later today :0)


  • Willco!
  • Dizzy Doc !

    say hi to Sassie btw!

    Al are you in an internet cafe btw?
  • Hi Bunie! Al and I did not manage to meet up :0(

    However, might see/speak to him tomorrow. When am I going to meet you?
  • er not sure !

    how purple is it Al btw?
  • Al , you must really trust us not to play silly beggers to put your moby number on a forum !
  • Yes, I must admit I thought it a bit risky!
  • we could ALL ring Al at 8-30am !! :-))
  • Deed done! Fortunately doctor-boy doesn't have a hangover, and is now contemplating taking his new haircut and colour (!!!!!!!!!!!) into the pool.
  • Has Alan dyed his hair? OMG - purple?

    It looked "normal" last night.
  • I know - I was soo disappointed it didnt show up in the dark room - i tell you it looks pretty purple in daylight! gonna have to wear a hat to my mums!
    I was a bit incoherent this morning I think sassie - reason no hangover was probably cos I was still drunk! defiately gonna stick to Becks - seem to manage quite well on that

    I know a bit risky with phone number - but it was on my Acupuncture website long enough and no one rung me

    Have been getting texts all week from new friend in Oxford - thing is I'd given a couple of people my number so I was wondering all week who exactly I was communicating with!
  • Alan, if that was incoherent, I'm glad you don't hear me first thing in the morning!
  • dark purple hair?

    i had that once, but i looked too pale
  • I never noticed purple hair
  • Looked normal to me on Friday Alan. Purple? Must get my specs checked...
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