Shoe recommendations for shin pain (pavement running)

Hi, have not been running long but am getting pain in both shins especially my left shin after about a mile.  Only ran 2 miles this morning but my shins feel like i've been hit with a mallet.  Live in a built up area so 90% of my running is on the pavements/road.  Any shoe recommendations? 


  • Hi missfliss,

    The best thing you can do is go to a specialist running shop (not JJB etc) as they should have treadmills and will look at how you run before recommending and letting you try out different shoes. There are different types of shoes depending on whether you have high arches, flat feet, whether your feet roll in a lot when you run (over pronation) etc etc so it's impossible for someone on here to say go and buy xxx trainers. What's right for one person could cause a lot of discomfort in another.

    The most important thing is to be able to try pairs out on the treadmill in the shop to make sure ones that are recommended to you are actually comfortable before you buy them.


  • And try to have a rest from running to let your shin pain subside.
  • sorbothane insoles could help too
  • I had the same problem at it was caused by my shoes not being the correct fit. They where slightly too wide to as my foot landed it slide forward slightly causing me to try and brace myself with my toes, and this tension caused the problem with my shines. However, there are many causes of shine pair.

    I only worked all this out by running very slowly (walking pace) and with very small steps. Then gradually increase your stride length. All the time think about what your feet and legs are doing and see if you can spot the problem.If you can then get someone to video you so you can have a look yourself.

    Armed with this information then go to a proper running shop with your current shoes. Tell them what you think and get them to have a look. Then try at least 3 pairs.

  • Hi, thanks for the nice replies.  Am hopefully visiting the Derby Runner this week to get fitted with some running trainers.  Shins are fine now after a few days rest.
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