Nike and RW falling out?

I noticed that there were no Nike shoes in the spring/summer shoe review, and that there has been no Nike ads in the magazine at least the last two times - that's kind of interesting, isn't it?

Maybe something has happened to sour the relationship between RW and Nike?

I wouldn't think either would want to live without each other - RW needs Nike's ad money, while Nike needs RW to legitimize themselves as serious running shoe manufacturers.


  • Don't think Nike need RW as they easily plug their products without them.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    "that's kind of interesting, isn't it?"!

  • Nike will book ad space when they have a new product out. But they rarely continue
    placing ads in magazines. They would rather rely on brand awareness through internet
    and the media.

    Its the same for adidas. They haven't place ads in magazines because their advertising
    will be concentrating on the London Marathon which gives them the biggest brand awareness.

    Also, there is world cup on this year. So expect Nike to spend on football advertising rather
    than other sports.

  • Mads - what IS your preoccupation with Nike?
  • How about there being no Nike's in the latest review?

    I'm generally interested in advertising, and branding - and I run and play basketball mostly in Nike's.

  • Maybe there weren't any Nike shoes up for testing this time round.
  • Or they were too late in delivering the shoes for test or they were the wrong size for the testers?

    Or they fell apart on test so were left out - magazines won't bite that hand that feeds them so would never publish a review that says a shoe is shite

  • Perhaps Nikes' current offering of sweeteners to the RW editorial team wasn't up to scratch this time around..
  • NIKE are focusing on internet awarness, al their major athletes now use twitter etc

    Also NIKE are not often the major sponsor of events, they would prefer to ensure they make the match ball or have a few major players in their gear

    Look at when Paula runs, the swoosh is everywhere on her and as the camera is on her for most of the race its much more effective than say sponsoring the event

  • was only up untill about a week ago that they had those blinking luner adverts all up at the top of every page on here for months on end! relax, turn your pop up blocker off and enjoy some other adverts!
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