Shin Pain

Hi - hope someone can offer some stretches/remedy to my shin problem.

As i don't pronate in the foot and my ankle rolls, i find that footwear is a bit of a nightmare for me as technically, on my foot i am a neutral.

As a result of my gait and shoe choice, i have started to noticed i have an extra muscle appearing on the top of my shin. Since this has appeared, i've noticed that after any kind of running or training my shin feels like it is about to snap, acute pain on the front of my shin.

From what i've found out so far, the muscle is pushing against my shin which could ultimately result in compound fractures.

Has anyone else experienced this, if so what have you done to work around it or sort it out for good?

Look forward to hearing your responses.

Thanks, Karl


  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    karl - the only sensible answer from someone reading this on a forum can be..... get to a physio!

     they will be able to massage and provide specific input on stretches.

    this kind of thing can be worked around but has to be properly diagnosed first

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