London Marathon 2011



  • I managed to get through earlier today. I had to wait for about 30 rings before someone answered. When I get through they were pretty quick. I had two rejections and the reason I didnt get an email was because I registered under two different addresses. Girl was really helpful. Sent me through the registration email within about 5 mins. All signed up now. Fingers crossed.


  • I will try again. No dedication, hmmm.  Is it right to not provide proper services like this to test for proper dedication then. 
  • I just got a bit too emotional about it all.   A bit of  a dream of mine
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Kerry.. it's not because they are busy by any chance?.  There will be runners who have lost property, not got their kit bag back at the finish, not got their name in the results because their chip malfunctioned, results queries etc etc.  And you are pestering them about a vaguely possible way of getting an entry in some future year.  Hardly a priority for them right this minute.  Give them a break for a bit and try another day.  Best of luck BTW.  
  • Kerry ignore Wardi.  It is very frustrating.

    If you are still having difficulties try emailing

  • I entered the ballot in the early hours of tuesday, and got to the thank you page telling me i'd be emailed shortly.

     Still nothing at this moment; who else is in the same boat?

  • Duke if you go onto one of the other threads for the 2011 ballot there are quite a few people who have the same problem, they've all been told that as long as they had the page saying thank you with a ref no. then they are entered. However if you want to check go onto the thread and there is a phone no. to call.

    Good luck!
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