• I liked it!
  • Hmmm

    Jon I am worried about you.

    You realy need to get out more often.

    Perhaps next week as we seem to have missed this week?
  • Indeedy doody! You socialising tonight young man?
  • that was good jon,
    it's eased the pain of working today!
  • Afraid not, home cold bottle of wine from the fridge and dinner in the garden with the wife I think.

    Hope to make the next one though.

    Have a drink on me
  • another gem from rathergood. what a top site that is
  • Jon, Jon you know the only good pants are mine...well after Foxy's of course (sigh...)

    Anyway, Jose go meet the relatives, check out Jon's link.

    Entertainment (from ITN): Jon the geek facing eviction
    The Big Brother housemates are facing their first round of evictions with computer nerd Jon favourite to be kicked out.

    Jon tell me this doesn't refer to you...
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