Manchester 10k Entry

I ran the Great Manchester Run last week and enjoyed it so I've decided to enter the Manchester 10k. I've downloaded the form and a few things are confusing me.

1. Vet category - I assume this is an age thing and V40 is for 40 years old men? I'm 32 so I guess I leave this section blank.

2. NoEAA Membership Number and Club - I have neither of these, can I still run? Or will the race organizers require these?

Thanks in advance, Carleton.


  • Carleton -

    because you are a bloke, you are right in assuming you are not a veteran til you are 40. We women are classed as veterans at 35!

    No need for any club membership etc - just write "unattached" - on race entry forms this just means you aren't a club member, not that nobody loves you!

    Good luck wwith your 2nd Manchester 10k!

  • Cheers Lynne. You're my lifeline on these forums ;0)

    I'll need the good luck if these temperatures keep up, it's a bit grim in the office at the minute. And I've got to cycle home soon!
  • Know what you mean - I've been sweltering in my smart office clothes all day, as I had to look the part in a video-conference (damn this modern technology!). The rest of Manchester seemed to be in the pavement cafes in their shorts, supping cold beer. Humph.

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