Bike Set Up

Any advice much appreciated:

Did the Cotswold Spring Classic yesterday (short 60 mile route) and my hamstrings are a bit sore today (both proximal fibula heads) which i've noticed before on long-ish rides...could this potentially be a set-up issue or an adaptability issue (i.e under-training)?

I know v little about bike set-up but i suspect it is 90% science and 10% 'feel'...

Thank you...


  • Hard to say without knowing your level of training going into the event or your level of effort in the event or anything about your bike set-up!

    Are you getting the same problem in training or only when you ramp up the effort in an event??

  • Sorry-knew i was being too vague...i think it seems to be when i bike for longer than 2-3 hrs and i admittedly hadn't really done much training for the event...mayeb i should try training a bit more and gradually increase the mileage?
  • More than likely a training issue as much as anything then.

    Yep. Gradual increase in mileage and/or intensity.

    If there's a problem with set-up often high intensity work will highlight it quite quickly.
  • Cheers-that is sort of reassuring!
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