• Greeny you must either be on broadband or have ahuge phonebill.
  • And lots of time to be on the web at work - or not have a job.....
  • Yeah that's right girls, just abuse me why don't you...
  • Kezza it's half term the kids are selling cakes,lemonade and books to passers by in the front garden. I work two mornings a week in school so i'm off too. I relly should be doing somehing more serious than this but hey its Friday.
  • Greeny we would never abuse you
  • Cathy - shame!
  • I'm supposed to be working!!!!
  • I am going to pack we have to leave to collect Jonathan in about one hour then we are off to se his ma and pa.
    Have a good one.
  • I do this its good, well it would be if the money was real! Currently 34000 ish place - where are u Greeny?
  • My brother is living with the sister of that girly presenter , something potter
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