Achilles Tendonitis - help

Hi - I've started to get a sore tendon which is the beginnings of tendonitis (I've had it before ages ago). I think it might be as a result of walking to work in my trainers and doing calf raises - since the marathon these are the only changes I have made to training or life. I thought calf raises strengthened the tendon to avoid tendonitis. I can still run but am reluctant to push it in case it makes it worse. It is stiff in the morning. I dont want to rest fully and I am racing in 3 weeks. Is walking in my trainers (they are old ones that I nolonger run in) bad for me? What should I do? I cant wear heels to walk to work!! adn I've stopped teh calf raises.


  • Unfortunately there are no shortcuts when it comes to achilles tendonitis. You'll see this in any article written on it including runnersworld guide to injuries. You must rest or risk developing a chronic problem that mat put you out of running for months. There shall always be other races to do. Get down to a physio. for regular ultrasound,rehab. advice and maintain your cardiovascular fitness in other ways. May not be what you want to hear but the best way. If lucky and stop running altogether/get physio. may be able to commence light running in 2-4 weeks.
  • DBSA, if the cusshioning has has gone in your old trainers and the heal will be lower than ideal thus putting strain on your achilles. You could try putting a heal wedge under the insole, this might aleviate the pulling on the tendon.

    I've just had my 1st physio session for the same thing, he seems to think 2-3 weeks for recovery with just cycling for excercise with some light stetching and the use of a heal wedge in my work shoes during the recovery period.

    Good luck

  • Oops that should read Vicky...
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