HM Training advice

I’m after a bit of advice about half marathon training please. 

I’m 41, I’ve been running around 15 months, although I didn’t come from a background of no exercise, having previously played rugby, spent time in the gym etc.  

I ran a 5k in June last year in 25:04, and a half in September in 2:07:57 (underprepared, inconsistent training, very hot and I didn’t really “race” it). 

After the HM I promptly tore a calf muscle and didn’t run again until Christmas Eve. Since then, I have been much more consistent and running 3 times a week. I normally run a long run of around 10 miles at the weekend at around 9:20/mile, 1 x midweek 5 mile at around the same pace, and a midweek tempo or repeat session, eg last week was 9ish miles including 3 + 2 miles with 5 minute recovery at 8:20/mile, tonight will be around 6-7 miles including 5 x 1km at 8:00/mile. 

My theories behind the paces are:

9:20 is comfortable for 10 miles.

8:20 is goal 10k pace

8:00 is goal HM pace in 6 months time.  

I also swim and bike at least once a week for an hour or so each. 

I know that for a decent half the mileage will have to increase and I will add another 1 or 2 aerobic runs into the schedule now the clocks have changed, and although training towards a time target is not the best idea, I would dearly love to go sub1:45 in September (HM). I also have a 10k in a fortnight which I’m hoping to get around in 52-53 minutes or thereabouts. 

I am a classic example of a little bit of knowledge being a dangerous thing, and was hoping that someone could suggest something a bit more structured.

 Thanks in advance.
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