More About Running Partners

I've noticed a number of threads looking for running partners, and often with the line about working full time etc. So why not get the word around at work, you may be surprised.

When I started running I mentioned it at work and found out that one of my colleagues was also starting so once we both realised we were probably as bad as each other so gave it a try. 3 years later we still regularly run after work and have a group of 4 regulars. Over the years people have come and gone from the group with numbers peaking at 7 (not bad for an office of 50), we even had 2 malysian girls who were working with us for a few months came out with us and have kept it up on their return home.

It will not suit everyone but the advantages are that you are in the same place already so don't have to meet up and having run straight after work we still have the rest of the evening free.

So get the word round, you never know.
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