Babyjoggers (finding a 10k race)

Are there any 10k races that allow entrants with baby joggers? Or is it considered impratical as I am likely to mow down innocent bystanders/runners with 2yr old daughter and associated cuddly toys? A bit disappointed as I have just splashed out over £300 on babyj.


  • I did the Wimborne 10Miler a couple of years ago and someone was pushing one (and beat me by miles....grrrrrr!)
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    I can't see why you wouldn't be able to do the races unless the terrain isn't suitable (offroad bits with stiles, etc). Contact the organisers to OK it with them.

    During the run, I suppose the only thing you have to be careful about is clipping the heels of other runners. It will probably mean that you'll have to go a bit more slowly or keep to one side in the crowded bit after the start of the race.
  • I've done the Strathcarron Hospice 10K at Denny Central Scotland twice with our son in his BabyJogger. Times were 2 mins slower than running without. They also allow dogs too. First time I started right at the back, but it was more of a hazard overtaking half the field in the first 2 miles, so next time I started just a little further back than I normally would, but kept well to the side of the field.
  • I did the Sepies NY day 10k with my 2 yo. To the yells of, "faster daddy."
    A word of warning though. Your toddler will become a speed freak and even tell Grannie to go faster.
    Where abouts are you? There is a 10k in Oxford sponsored by baby jogger.
  • Thank folks. Shouldn't need to worry about going too fast unless there is a bar at the finish line. Based in south west London the Oxford 10k sounds good but keeping in touch with bar theme being an expatriate scot the Denny 10k sounds like an excellent excuse to meet up with me old mates.


    Watty (and Manisha aged 2 and half)
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