Advice needed on bikes!

Hello I'm a runner who is looking to get into triathlons at a very basic sprint level!

I'm looking to buy a bike that will get me around town, out on the roads keeping fit etc but that I could use for entering triathlons in the future. I bought a bike last year from Halfords that cost about £300 and it was a "town and trail" bike. Unfortunately it was stolen and uninsured, so I'm back to the drawing board!

Can anyone give me some advice on what type of bike I should be looking for, as I have no idea and there seems to be so many different types of bike!

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • Most people do triathlons on road bikes (what you might know as racing bikes - drop handlebars, lightweight frame, skinny tyres) so if your bike is just going to be used for training and racing then that's the one to look for.  Road bikes aren't good at lugging loads so if you want to use it to carry your shopping you need to look for something else.


    The down side of a road bike is that they aren't cheap.  If you're on a budget then look for something second hand.  Try eBay or your local classified ads.  The key thing is to get one that fits right, which isn't always easy when you're a newbie.  Just making sure you can stand over the crossbar isn't a good way to check if it's the right size.  Read up on bike fitting before you go and look at any bikes so you know what you're looking for.

  • A hybrid might be an option if you want something in the middle, I can managed an avg speed of 16mph over 30miles on my hybrid, so its no slug (managed 32.8mph on it, but not for long!!!)

  • 16mph over 30 miles? Bloody hell! Destroys me!
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