Help me get through the afternoon

The computer keeps crashing, people keep calling up and wanting me to do stuff today! and im stuck here till 5.30pm when it is so hot outside


  • pretend that you're sick and leave early, or invent a Dr's appointment. Thats my advice
  • You could say your one of you worms has had a serious accident with a knife and you need to go to the hospital straight away to see it.
  • I did that last week, left at 4 cos i said i had physio, dont think i would get away with it 2 weeks in a row
  • Greeny stop making jokes about the worms i won't be able to affod the therapy bill.
  • [sorry miss - again!]
  • Even solitaire is stressing me out now
  • DBSA that's exactly why you must invent another physio appointment, it's unlikely you'd only have the one, you normally have a course of treatment....once a week....
  • Actually cathy, I think Dr Nic is quite cheap (you know, for therapy)
  • *splutter* Greeny! Outrageous!
  • The only problem is, ive been having regular physio appts for about the last 2 months, half off which have been in work hours
  • Right it really is time to go we have to leave in 15 mins and only 2out of 4 childrn are in an fit state to be seen by their GP's. Little darlings are all covered with peelings
  • peelings or what? I hope this isnt carrying on from the worm theme??
  • of
  • Okay not a physio appt what about a psychiatric appt? Tell them its urgent and you've run out of those happy pills and YOU MUST HAVE ONE NOW!!!!

    or something like that

  • [DBSA - don't talk about worms to cathy - she gets a bit touchy about them]
  • The trouble with this i'm a slow typer and you all keep posting so i have to read on and then reply
  • yeah could do, they might tell me not to come back on monday tho, even better!
  • Its happened again DBSA get out while you can. Greeny don't mention the worms.
  • its gonna take ages to get 1000 coats on
  • 1000 coats???
  • TwoDogs Its ok they don't wear coats in the summer, but its a nighmare getting them to keep thier sun hats on
  • the worms...there's 1000 of them
  • don't forget the suncream!
  • Cathy,

    you need to develop the art of pre-emptive posting.... as soon as you submit a post, predict the likely riposte from, say, Dr Nic., and then post so equally witty answer. This way you will appear fantastically quick witted, and we will all bow before your obvious superiority.
  • only once, but that was before the operation.
  • like that, you see, get the idea?
  • its friday afternoon, we dont have the energy to be quick witted, or even quick for that matter
  • haha
  • Grrrr, and ive just seen my new trainers on Bourne sports for £59.99

    i suppose after p&p theres not much difference tho
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