Has anyone ever been injured as a RESULT of stretching?

ie. overstretching/stretching cold muscles?


  • yes! Whenever I stretch my calves before I run I always end up having to drop out as they have cramped up and I have strained them... now I don't stretch before I run...
  • People are always telling you to stretch before a run, but i dont see how it can do any good, not unless you do a walk warm up or something
  • sometimes when i do hamstring stretches i pull muscles in my lower back.

    i guess i overreach when touching my toes?
  • I injured a calf muscle stretching against a lamp post before a 10K race.
    That was before I read the evidence in:
    the British Medical Journal
    which says that pre-exercise stretching doesn't help and may cause harm.
  • Hmmm interesting, so basically we are just wasting our time and possibly causing damage?
  • My anatomy teacher used to say think about your muscles as a stick of chewing gum. When cold and you try to stretch it then it will just snap, but warm it up and you can stretch much more easily and safely.
    Makes perfect sense to me, can't see the point of stretching cold muscles, goes against everything I ever learnt as a dancer, and consequently teach now.
  • Some of the research is quite valid. Although weakness does exist in most/all papers. But it shouldent be taken out of context? or at face value. Needs a few more good experimental, longer term studies that are controlled for issues of internal/external validity and bias in general.
    Anyhow, thought you were supposed to warm up for 5 mins min before stretching? if i dont warm up first i end in pain with tendons as tight as banjo strings? Good to question though, havent had time to check all the articals in the references though i admit.
  • So is it better to go straight out and run warming up with maybe a slow jog, or should you go and walk for 5-10 mins then stretch then run?
  • walk, then jogg, and skip and side step and stuff untill the circulatory system is moving a bit, about 140 heart rate? it works for me, listen to your legs and stuff!
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