Dublin Marathon

I have entered the Dublin Marathon online,and so far have not recieved any information about collection of Number,directions etc. Can anyone tell me if a pack is sent through the post, or do you just turn up at the venue stated on the website?


  • You should receive confirmation of your entry and brief race details through the post. I entered some time ago by post and got my confirmation back about a month ago with race number etc. I know that the web site is contracted out by the race organisers (I'd be looking for my money back if I were them !!!!) so perhaps online entries go through a seperate process. If I were you I'd contact the people at the BHAA (Race Organisers - Business Houses Athletic Association) via the race web site (www.dublincitymarathon.ie) as the normally answer e-mails fairly promptly. Good Luck and see you there hopefully :-)
  • Thanks Mick. Ill do that.
  • Telboy, there's quite a few of us doing Dublin - check out the Unofficial Forum Dublin Marathon thread for a host of other forumites. See you there and good luck.
    PS Its only the race number you get not the actual "bit of papaer you pin to your vest" as that you have to collect on the Sunday from the Expo.
    cheers Ian
  • Thanks Ian, Its just that I hadnt heard anything yet, and I tend to panic. (6 weeks to go and all that). Anyway Ill look out for you on the U.F.
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