A friend of mine gets a tad sore between the legs, any tips on pants and tuff that wick moisture away. where to get them??
Cheers (from my mate).


  • Hmmm. It's a bit quiet on this underwear thread. D'you think everybody's okay?

    Odlo do good girl's stuff. Not sure about blokey stuff though--perhaps Rohan? They do knicks with x-static, the silver wicky fabric. And they have a website--can't remember it, but a search on Rohan should turn it up.
  • Hi I use Sub 4 lycra shorts as I suffer with the same. They are great for stopping the chafing and also keep you cool. Sub 4 also do some thicker ones for winter running. I buy mine from the Sweat shop but all running stores should sell sub 4 kit.
  • Thanks, thought i was going to run in pain forever and ever! i'll try em both.
  • Very good wicking underwear (and other wear!) at Asda in their George lines. Very cheap too.
  • Do Calvin Klein do them.
  • Treacle Legs: you or your "friend"?

    BTW I'm willing to bet that Rohan's website is

    Lots of vaseline or bodyglide on your important bits before you go for a run; nappy rash cream (eg sudacreme (sp?)) for afterwards. Better still, just rub vaseline all over and then stay in for the evening.
  • I'm sure this has been "aired already" somewhere, but can't find it. What are we blokes supposed to wear underneath lycra shorts? Anything? Nothing? ??
  • Falke are doing pants now
    their sox are great
  • Windrunner - there's a great thread about men & lycra shorts by Chimp somewhere - will see if I can boing it up for you
  • Thanks guys, i got some decent wicking breifs, with lots of elastic from marks and sparks in the end for a fiver, there pretty good. but have ordered a few of the others mentioned to try out aswell. a bit of an experiment! how exciting.
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