Inspirational Music

On the morning of 25th April (as before any long run or event) on the way to Blackheath, I'll have my earphones in listening to the most inspirational and motivational music I can think of.

Which songs do people listen to to get themselves psyched up before the big race? What kind of music gets peoples blood pumping? What songs get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up prior to running 26.2 miles?

Or indeed, what other methods do people employ to get themselves in the mood on race day?


  • Bit of faithless- insomnia seems to get me right in the mood!
  • well, I normally hate Bryan Adams but his "I'm gonna win" helps me to be in the fighting spirit.
  • my friend is training for the marathon and sent me her blog and she's asked me to spread the news!!

  • I have a playlist of cheesy classics including:

    Born To Run - The Boss
    Proud - Heather Small (the BBC seem to love this one!)
    Keep on Running - Spencer Davis Group
    Greatest Day - Take That (dont judge me please!)
    Wake Up - The Arcade Fire

    and a playlist of heavier stuff:

    Anything by Faithless, The Prodigy, Basement Jaxx, The Chemical Brothers, Pendulum

    Which one I listen to will very much depend on my mood that morning!

  • Something around 84 bpm for me
  • my 3 & a half year old daughter always insists on having high school musical on a sunday morning before i go out on my LSR's... it seems to work - or rather it gets me out the house...


  • Elbow - One Day Like This

    U2 - Beautiful Day

    Clash - London Calling

    And the London Marathon theme which you can search for on iTunes

    I presume it's inspration you're after not pace?!


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