West Cumbrian Run 10

Hopefully this will be a nice run out in the country - and for a good cause too image.  From Cockermouth to Workington - how undulating will undulating be? image


  • I will hopefully be on holiday in Cumbria when this race takes place,does anyone know what the course is like?.......as minardi says,how undulating is undulating?
  • If you look at the Proposed Route link that is on the website (http://www.westcumbrianrun.co.uk/) you should be able to select an option to view the elevation profile of the run.

  • Thanks for that morph_ecosse,found lots of different views of the course and an elevation profile!
  • It's not too bad - says she as someone who lives in the flatlands image.  I hadn't realised it was a sustrans route - one of my regular runs is a sustrans route!  Hotel is booked and entry has been acknowledged image
  • Think I might be up for this one.  It doesn't look too hilly from the map (or am I going to be in for a shock?).  Hotel sounds good but i'll probably be sleeping in a tent!  Need to find a quiet campsite so I won't be too tired through lack of sleep!
  • Am i right that only £2 from every entry goes to "the great north air ambulance"?

  • Yeah, that's what it says, but I think they want you to try to raise money for that charity too.  I think I'll struggle with that though as I'm currently raising money for running the Great Manchester Run and I doubt people are going to want to sponsor me twice.

    I think there are quite a lot of goodies at the end, i.e. medal, t-shirt, goody bag, which is where the rest of your entry fee will go. 

  • I like the fact that even "just" £2 goes to the charity - at least it's something so that those of us who won't be raising sponsorship are still donating by participating.

    Northern Lass - apparently there is a music festival going on in the area that weekend so there will be lots of peeps in tents - it may be difficult to find a quiet site!  Good luck

  • I have found a small site.  It's an adults only one on a farm.  I think they only have five pitches so it shouldn't be too bad even if it is full.  Thanks for the warning though!  Do you know what the festival is?
  • absolutely no idea!  I fmailed a fetchie who I saw was doing the race just for some advice about the area in general and he happened to mention it in passing!
  • Ahhhh, Cock Rock http://www.cockermouthrockfestival.com/

    It's a 45 minute drive away from the site I'm staying at so I should be OK hopefully.

  • I think I'd rather do without the t-shirt and have more money go towards the charity......but £2 is better than nothing!
  • Sent my application form off yesterday!  Looking forward to it. 

  • It's a steep climb out of Cockermouth! The rest is undulating.

    My mother-in-law and my wifes step dad were flooded out and are still living with my wifes brother and sister-in-law with no sign of moving back for at least 3 months.

    If I can stay at a friends house just outside Aspatria I might give this one a go.

  • We are staying just outside Keswick,arriving on the Saturday before the race.Better get my application form sent off!
  • Hiya, I know this route well, rode my bike along most of it this morning. It is pretty up and down until Camerton where there is a big hill. At the top of that hill you turn left onto the cycle track and it's a really nice gradual downhill or level for the rest of the route. I used to run this all the time until the footbridge from my village to Camerton got swept away in the November floods.

    I registered a while ago online but the website doesn't seem to be updating and only has names up to C?
  • I've booked my accommodation now.  I'm no longer camping as I'll be coming up on my own (I have to get THREE trains and on the way home the one from Workington to Cumbria is a replacement bus!) so I'm staying at a B&B in Workington instead.  I'm pretty nervous as it will be my first 'rea' race, having only done HUGE events in the past like Race for Life and the Great Manchester 10k.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

    I'm also worried that the B&B might only do brekkie from 8.00 and I have to be at the start for 8.30.  Hope they will be nice and cater for me a bit earlier.  Also, not sure I'll be able to resist the full English, which probably isn't the best before a ten mile run.

  • My mother-in-law lives just behind the start.Only trouble is, she hasn't moved back in yet from the floods last year!
  • The measured course is now shown on the run website see: http://www.westcumbrianrun.co.uk/

    Be aware that the new temporary bridge installed by the army at Workington is not shown on the satellite images of the course. The course shown crosses the planned location of the army bridge. This bridge is now in place and open for public use.

    If you look at the start of the route the Cockermouth Leisure Centre, where registration will take place, is located off of Castlegate Drive to the east of the start location. Follow Main Street until it becomes Castlegate Drive and the first shown turning on the right leads into the Leisure Centre complex.

    The website now also shows an updated Runners Information pack with revised information on registration, parking and shuttle buses.

  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭
    apparently the goody bags have been provided free by the sponsors image
  • I'm concerned about these t-shirts they want us to wear.  Has anyone seen them? Are they tech or are they one-size fits none baggy cotton?
  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭
    9.5 miles apparently, or so i was informed last night image
  • did anybody else not recieve a t-shirt? I was told at registratation that only x-large were remaining. Informed a lady at the end of race who took my name and size so fingers crossed.

  • same here mate,think they will send them on! well hope so
  • Hi I was in the same boat but didnt pass any of my details on, have sent an email back to the address that sent the race details on but if anyone could give me any info about how to get a tshirt that would be great. Kind of rendered putting what size tshirt you wanted on the registration form pointless.
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