HI there,

2 yrs ago I ran for a charity. They had a massive team of massuaers and boy did I really benefot from a good rub down after the finish.

Do you know of any charities who have a massage team in place and I will of course be willing to doasnte on the day for their charity?

It made a massive difference as I felt fab 2 days later!!!!!

Thanks in advance.



  • Asthma UK will, at their post-race reception. Probably best to contact their marathon person first to check! But if you wave money at them I'm sure it'll sweeten the deal....image
  • Macmillan are laying on a post race reception for their runners. Not far from the finish line. Food, drink, massage etc.

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    They're also doing a pre-race pasta party the night before which is free for runners (£10 for friends/family).

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