After many years of trying, my daughter and I have finally realised our ambition of running the London Marathon together. She deferred her guaranteed place last year, as she'd just given birth so I got another Golden Bond place to join her this year instead,

Our numbers came through, and we've been given different starts - she's at Blue and I'm at Red. I've tried ringing VLM but they couldn't have been more disinterested - the only option is to meet at the convergence. But after seeing the crowds there last year, there is no way we'll see each other.

Any ideas.... help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Arrange a meet up point about 3 or 4 miles in and then run together
  • If you can arrange to meet at a point on the route and just wait for each other. Sychronise watches before you separate at the start. The other alternative is for you both to go the red start as that is for the Bond places and charity runners might not be bothered about you running together.

    You could handcuff yourselves together for the start in the red start and if you get stopped by stewards tell them the story.

    Bonne chance for the 25th. I ran the Royal Parks with my wife and daughter last year a great day.....ON MY OWN FOR THE VLM THIS YEAR THOUGHimage

  • The handcuffing was exactly what I thought of - failing that - what's the going rate for bribery these days?

    Being sensible, I know we could really try to get to a pre-arranged meeting point, but I really want that excitement and anticipation (and, if I'm truthful, a shared/shed tear or two when we went over the start) together.

  • Other runners have asked this question, I think a lot of the advice is to go to pen 9 of the red start together.

    The organisers get a lot of calls about this which is probably why they sounded dis-interested.
  • P.s I wouldn't handcuff yourselves together. It'll just come across as being difficult! Play to their better nature.
  • Cheers all!!
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