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I'm shortly to get turfed out of my first-year student flat at uni, and I was wondering what method this forum (and forums in general) uses to recognise that it's me. Does it recognise my computer, or the internet connection to my room? In other words, will I still be me when I move into another flat? Or will the next occupant of this room find that they're me (!), if they visit this forum?

Much ta.


  • Guess I should have been more specific in the thread title, there being many areas to computing. Apologies to anyone thinking I had an exciting question!
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    The site should recognise you when you next visit. It puts small text files called cookies in your computer to track you. Nothing sinister in this. So the site recognises your computer.

    I visit RW from several different places, and it always recognises me.

    I reckon that's the answer, unless anyone knows differently ...
  • Yes, actually, it's all to do with cookies, now you come to mention it. I think I knew that (but forgot I did). Cheers.
  • as long as you log on with your original email address and password, you can access these forums from any computer. As demonstrated by myself from work, home, Belfast Hilton, Schiplol KLM Crown Lounge & EasyEverything Internet Cafe Rotterdam. Dont worry. Yes I know its can be addictive but undoutably helpful. All the Best. See you Dumfermline 1/2 tomorrow.
  • Some gaps in my knowledge, then, which you've now plugged. Thanks everyone.

    EEyin, didn't know about the Dumfermline 1/2 on Sunday. Although, I think a 1/2k (yes, k) would be more my league! Most annoying thing about races and triathlons is that they always seem to take place on Sunday mornings. I work on Sunday mornings! Why can't there be races on Saturdays (or, at least, more often)?!
  • Tim, the Loch Leven Half Marathon is on Saturday September 6th. Just thought I'd let you know.
  • Den Haag 1/2 marathon was on a Saturday - 30th March this year ...pencil it in for next year. 16000 competitors 98% dutch....I agree though...Ideal senario, Sunday should be a day of rest from exercise (and hangover) after a Saturday race then start the new training week Monday in full fettle.
  • Are there no 5k or 10k races on Saturdays, then? Perhaps we should organise our own!!!
    Don't think I'll be doing any marathongs any time soon.

    I'm having a bit of difficulty typing very quickly this evening. I bashed my hand (twice!) on some steps in the swimming pool this afternoon, which was rather annoying (and painful). I think if I have to press backspace once more I'll erupt, so I'll wish everyone sweet dreams (and if anyone's racing tomorrow, have fun!!) and find a darkened room (actually, I'm in a darkened room (once I turn my light off)). How convenient. TTFN
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