How can i sell/transfer my Edinburgh Marathon Place?

Hi, so i have a place in the edinburgh Marathon, and my training has gone a bit wrong (no thanks to a broken toe) and i have now put in for the half instead, do you know how and where i can sell my place, it seems a shame to waste it, and when i phoned them up to see if i could change it from the full to the half they said i could transefer my place to someone else for £10 admin fee.  Where could i advertise this? does anyone want a place?


  • Mary, sorry to hear you've had to drop back to the half.  Hope your toe is ok now. 

    Re your place, if you don't belong to a running club then a thread on here may find a taker for your place (this one may even get spotted by someone looking for a place) or you could go on one of the Edinburgh threads and see if anyone knows of someone who's interested.

    There's always Fetch Everyone (now a sister site to RW) where there's a lively Edinburgh thread on the go.

    Hope you enjoy the half.  I suspect if it's as warm as last year I may wish I were doing the half instead of hte full!

  • Maybe E bay is worth a shot
  • I'd buy it from you if you still have your entry....?

  • I'd be also more than grateful for taking it off you if it's still available?
  • I hope you managed to transfer it in time Mary as the transfer window has now closed according to the website.
  • Yeah, just seen that too. =( Damn it. Thanks for advertising it anyway, Mary.
  • Hello everyone I was supposed to run the Edinburgh half marathon, but I had a bike accident, is anyone interested on buying my spot? Unfortunatelly it is non-refundable, I'm selling it with a discount. Original price ~ 39 pounds, I will take 30.
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭
    hi, is it still available? if so i will buy it
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭
    just saw its the half, i am after the full marathon
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