Early, exited, eclipse-y ! Sat 31 May


between an insistent boycat, birdsong and a fast clock i decided to get up and make the most of this auspicious event - didnt see anything but hey its the thought that counts!

maybe will do an hour of yoga and then go out for a swift walk before the day hets up!

have a good saturday whatever your e doing!


  • Morning, glorious day - will be scorching later while we wander around Buckinghamshire. Kettle on, grill warming for bacon & sausage - hearty breakfast planned.

    Enjoy whatever you do today.
  • Instructions from Alan to wake him with a phone call at 8.30am! Wonder if he'll think that's such a great idea this morning? Then taking Small on a trip down the river. Home before it gets too hot. Oh, and dying hair red to give the parish something to think about when I return to work on Monday!
  • Ello , been up alllllllllllll night ( well thats what the boss thinks ;) ) didnt see the eclipse as it was misty up here on the east coast

    Having to mentally wrestle with the idea of leaving the TA , I'm not really getting anything out of it but at the same time its something I love

    Perverse eh !
  • morning
    off for a 3 mile walk
    To see a patient!
  • Benz , make them come to you ! You know like the oracle or something
  • Morning all.

    I have a hangover (surprise surprise!!)
  • morning pt2

    well back from nice 50min walk round soggy but beautifully sunny golf course - felt very heavy and unfit - tho that may have something to do with the tub of Phish food i scoffed last night whilst watching bb!

    also did about 45 mins yoga before i went out - thought today would be a good day to practice sun salutations

    om -i want to be a tree!

    hi to all trailwalk trainers today -hope you have a lovely long and not too hot walk!
  • Fruity last night was good then i take it?

    merc - why do you have to give up TA if you love it? does it take up a lot of your time - can you fit in enough sessions to make it work ?

    have you got something else that you love to take its place - its important to have things that are enjoyable in life !
  • Like Phish food Bune ;0)
  • B&Js not Aquarian i hope!

    and havent your flock seen you with red hair already?
  • Last night was great apart fromt he heat - they had the heaters on in the pub so we were downing beer like there was no tomorrow!

    Met all the usual crowd, plus Armadillo who I'd only had a brief chat with before who is really nice and good company :)
  • actually i must confess

    i succumbed to a magnum deadly sin - greed - coulnt find lust unfortunately - and i was very pleasantly surprised by the tiramisu ice cream!!
  • Bune - not as red as it is now! They'll need sunglasses.
  • Morning peeps - I'm on the hunt for Sassie...
  • Looks like you've found her Meer!

    Morning me old social bud :)
  • Morning Iain! Good do last night! How's your head?
  • I'm not quite sure what the medical term is Fran, but "Bolloxed" would be an appropriate word to use!

    How's yours?
  • Morning all, lovely day :-)
  • Hiya Helen!
  • Morning Helen <<hug>>
    My head is fine now. Sorry I left a bit early, but I'd been up since 0530 so I was fading a bit!
  • Your head is fine??

    What magical mongoose potion is this? And can you shove some in my direction please?
  • <<meerkat passes FR a glass of evil looking lemonade prepared by Benz>>
  • <<slurps thirstily>>


    Thanks Meer!
  • She's a grand doc, that Benz. Did you see Rabbit last night??
  • MORNING FRUITY!!!! <<<hug>>

    sorry that was mean, I'm just jealous that I don't get out to the socials!!

    today I'll be finishing off painting the fence oin the back garden (and hoping we don't get any thunderstorms later)
  • OW MY HEAD!!!!

    Please don't shout Frags - I'm still feeling a little delicate!

    I missed RRR - was she there?

    I couldn't find my lighter duvet last night so sweated like mad :(
  • Morning Fraggle! Poor FR is a bit delicate.
    RRR was going to arrive about 9...
  • I was probably a bit sloshed by then!

    I now have some flat lemonade with some lucozade sport concentrate in it!
  • ugh!
  • Hello, lovelies! Sounds like a good night was had by all! Must try texting Nick with my nice new mobile phone (I've had it for over a week and not made any calls yet) to see how they're doing since I've ended up tied to Scummy Brummy on sprat duty. Thanks for e-mails yesterday, Heather and Pix. I'm just glad I DO know why Kevin's brain works the way it does, otherwise I'd be convinced she was developing a paranoid psychosis.

    Anyway, I've been for a nice 10-miler already this morning....only kidding, alas! But I have done the ironing while Kevin skulked inside a sleeping-bag (she refuses to get dressed because I bought her clothes, conveniently forgetting that I also bought the pyjamas, dressing-gown, sleeping-bag and duvet which she is wearing). Lots of tidying to follow.
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