Boddington 50K

Anybody out there have any comments on this event.

Website gives so little info it seems a waste of time having one


  • Small number of runners, but there will be some of the best ultra runners in the UK contesting the Celtic plate over 100K.

    Parking near the finish. Start a few mins jog away. Showers and refrehments for all runners. As long as you can do laps it is a great event.

  • Have just signed up for this one. Did the gloucester marathon and merthyr 20 this year and quite fancy going into ultra stuff. This is a very small step up to that. Bit concerned that only fast people enter this race though. For me atleast, it's about completing the distance in hopefully, as close to 4hrs 45 as possible. Have you guys entered this one?

    Anybody know how close Boddington is from Quiddgeley? If the marathon up there is anything to go by, it sounds like it will be well organised.

    Full on respect to all those who undertake the 100k!!!

  • Hi Vicky,

    Yes I have sent my entry off. I will be a little quicker than you, but a couple of runners on 'Fetch' will be a bit slower than you.

    Due to the laps there is always something going on. Lapping or being lapped image



  • Hi guys I am off Fetch and I am doing the 100k although I would expect a bit slower than most of the other guys I should get inside the cuttoffs ok based on my previous 50+ mile times.
  • I've just entered the 50k-I'm expecting about 4 hours unless its a hot day (did the Gloucester 50k in 2008 in 3'55).  Last time I ran Boddington 50k it was really hot and I think I did about 5 hours.
  • Hi hamster, what is the course like? I have never ran it before?
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