Monday 12th April

After yesterday's marathon attempt aborted just before the 13m point I would say the former applies.

Same for BR.

Essentially I came down with yet another virus a couple of days before the race.  I thought I could stem the worst but a marathon always finds you out - 7:30 pace for marathon effort - HR too high at this even.  Fortunately it was a 2 lap course so I could drop out.

Will read back in a mo.


  • Clink - well done on the 3rd position and getting a prize - but an umbrella?  I once had a pig shaped chopping board and an apron and I kid you notimage

    what:maybe a little jog later once I take something to get rid of some of the worst of  my symptoms, but then again maybe not as feeling pretty rough at the moment.

    DD - don't think I'd like to live there wth so many restrictions to everyday life.

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