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I'm a fat bald over 40 ape whose looking for beginner runners or advice on a running club that welcomes plodders. Currently managing about 12 minutes, but want to get to around 30 minutes/3 times a week. No marathon wishes at this point, though a 5k/10k would be a nice target.


  • Is Kingswinford too far away?
    apparently they welcome beginners
    havent had the courage to go up there yet
  • No, I live in Codsall so Kingswinford is about 20 mins away. Tell me more
  • hey kwij,
    I run with the wolves & bilston club. I'm one of their plodders, and was made to feel more than welcome when I joined, altho I had managed a slow half marathon by myself.
    If you wanna come and meet us, we meet at 6.30pm at Aldersley stadium on a tuesday, and 6.30pm round the back of Goodrich/Lucas factory on the Stafford road just before the M54 jctn. Altho you might want to get yourself to running 20/30 mins before you venture out with us, dont be put off by thinking they are too good, I would have joined a couple of years ago but was worried about being left behind!

    The whole point of joining a club is that you get encouraged, and you DON'T get left behind!

    We always go for a drink on a thursday night after a run, either at the social club at Lucas's or a pre-arranged pub. If you just want to come and meet people let me know.
  • ps. just read my thread, I meant to say we meet 6.30pm on a thursday at Lucas's
  • pps we'll have you doing the wolves half marathon in september!!
  • OK, I'll get up to 30 mins again (got there last year but due to boredom of running alone lost interest) and then come to the club. Aldersley and Goodyear are both great as they are very local.

    Wolverhampton half marathon in September? We'll see!!
  • Good luck with the training, sounds like you'll get there no problems. The motivation of having training buddies certainly helps get you out the door.

    I just did a nice run around Northycote Farm/Bushbury Hill tonight - its amazing the nice off road running you can find without going far in Wolves.

    Keep running
  • Hi Chocolate Orange

    The club sounds friendly which is encouraging.

    What sort of training do you do with the club?

    Are there specific sessions for speedwork etc?


  • Hi Sally

    There is a road running group and a track group. I run with the road runners, they often do a speed session - either intervals or hill reps on a tuesday from aldersley, and the thursday session is more of a social run from Lucas's. Most people also meet up for other runs during the week, I probably run about 4/5 times a week on average. We are all encouraged to take part in races, and everyone gets cheered on, even in the training sessions which is helpful to the last little'un like me!

    Are you near Wolves then?
  • Hi Chocolate Orange

    Thanks for your reply.

    I live in Perton and have been runnnig off and on since last September. I tend to be a bit injury prone and am injured at the moment but am due to see someone this month to hopefully get myself sorted once and for all.

    I need to be injury free as I have entered the GNR in September and from all that I have read I should be doing all sorts of different running in preparation for the great day.

    I recently ran in the Liverpool Women's 10k which was my first race. I ran the race having not trained properly since Easter due to a knee injury. I seem to build up to 6 miles and then get injured, which is very frustrating.

    I already belong to a running club, but it is not as local as Aldersley and does not have its own facilities. I feel as though I am being a traitor by considering another club, but I would like more variety in my training and perhaps to be able to meet up with people more local to where I live.

    I had considered contacting Wolves & Bilston last year but I thought I would not be good enough.

    Where do you live?
  • Hi Sally

    I live in Chapel Ash, but I've just been running in your neck of the woods tonight. The club meets at various pubs during the summer to get a bit of variety, and tonight we met at the Pear and Partridge. We had a nice but hard run around some fields and paths - started off on the Bluebell Walk, and after that I didn't have a clue where I was! If you can do 10k there's no reason to not come and meet us. I was lagging behind a little today, but I was waited for so no problem there.

    If I remember rightly they say you can give it a try for a few weeks before you pay any subs (but who's counting?) I only do the road and off road running, but you can go on the track if you want.

    There is an increasing number of female runners in the club, and they want to encourage more to join, so if you want to give it a go, turn up at Aldersley for 6.30 on a Tuesday. I'm keeping an eye on this thread, so just let me know if you're interested

  • You peeps know how to party in Wolverhampton

    Running around pubs:)))
  • Hey Hippo!

    I think I've been to the little girls room in EVERY pub in wolves since I took up running

  • Ok maybe the Kingswinford runnng club is similar

    They do have their own bar
  • Running round pubs - that sounds like a great motivator to get along.

    Do the clubs have any social activities - we've just moved to the area and now the 'settling in' is over want to get a life.

    Or any ideas of a good social place for people who don't have any school age kids or don't go to church??!!
  • The pub!
  • As an expert, any you'd recommend??
  • apart from the thursday night pub runs and the xmas party there's not all that much socially with the club, but some of the runners frequent the Moreton Arms on the Stafford Road. Don't really know the pubs around Codsall, but I've heard the Station and the Bull are ok. I don't go to the pub much at the moment (Mr CO went tee-total a few months ago) but if I did I'd go to the Clarendon in Chapel Ash or up to town.

    We had a beginner start at the club on Tuesday - she can do 2/3 miles at the moment, so you would be welcome if you want to come on tuesday
  • Hi Chocolate Orange

    I am definitely interested in joining your club, but I need to speak to the people who run the club I am currently attached to.

    To be honest I am torn; I like my current club, especially the people who run it and a lot of the people who also run there, but it would suit me better to join a local club.

    Having said all that, at the moment I am suffering with whiplash from a car accident and have a lower leg injury. As I mentioned previously I am due to see someone during this month to sort myself out, so it will probably be towards the end of June when I join.

    I will keep in touch through this thread and let you know nearer the time.
  • i am moving to codsall this saturday and i do some running myself, having entered a couple of races myself i want to build on my pace a little, i was wondering would i be able to come down for a couple of runs to try it out?

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