Anyone got a tandem they can loan me please ?

OK, this is how the initial conversation went.

Kelly's Managing Director to all staff (around 30-40)

'I have entered a team into the London to Brighton bike ride, its for charity and a bit of team building I would like as many people to sign up and ride with us on the day, finishing in Brighton at my house for a company BBQ and a few drinkies'

This was then further discussed on a night out in Manchester with northern staff (company is London based) and Kelly rings me in the middle of the conversation (I think she had had a couple of shandies by this time)  saying she has said yes as I could train her and by the way .... 'how far is it and how long with it take ? and can you do it with me ?'

Anyway, the date for entries passes and guess who has signed up, the 3 company directors,  and us 2 numpties !! No one else entered.

So, 9 weeks to go, Kelly hasn't been on a bike for 18 months and the only one she now has is a MTB (that she will struggle to do 10mph an hour on) she is getting a bit worried. I have asked a few fellow pirates for any help in loaning a race bike her size for a few months to help get her fitness up til June but what I would really like for the ride is a tandem,

Anyone know where I can borrow one from for the month of June as we will need a couple of weeks to get used to it.

Would really appreciate any help.

Cheers, Rosey


  • I think Mister W used to have one, but I can't recollect whether he disposed of it or replaced it.  

  • We have one but it would be up to Mark to loan it out! Email me Rosey - we can talk about the mentoring article at the same time - and I'll pass you on to Mark.

    It was his 40th birthday present so be warned it is precious to him image
  • If Kellys going to freewheel can't you just join the front spokes of a bike to your back skewer image
  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    If Kellys going to freewheel can't you just join the front spokes of a bike to your back skewer image
    That's how you're getting me round Bala, Barlos image
  • I sold mine as Pink decided cycling along with only a view of my back wasn't her idea of a good time.  She's also a control freak and wasn't prepared to let me be in charge image
  • But... it doesn't take very long to get used to riding it.  You'll need someone to show you how to get on and get started but it's not difficult.
  • Rosey,

    As I am laid up in the pregnant dept, I am finding my road bike a tad uncomfy, she is more than welcome to borrow it (we are similar in size I think) I will put some flat pedals on too if she wants

  • Nic, will mail you later, thanks

    Farnie, that would be great, will mail you as well.

    Thanks for the other suggestions too, the hire looks good but concerned how to transport one back from Brighton, they look MASSIVE ! lol !

  • Hi Nic

    If you can't get one elsewhere I've got one of these: Viking Saratoga

    It's not likely to be used for the next few months as I'm IM training. You are welcome to borrow it. Mind you as you say transport is likely to be a problem. The only time I've taken it anywhere was in a Caravan.

    The tyres on it are massive, but I've got some smaller smooth ones that would probably be better on the road.

  • Thanks Donald, a couple of kind offers, I will mail directly.
  • image

    Thanks KK

  • anything to get out of doing Bala


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