Yippeeeee, I did it!

Well, I'm back from London, and up until this morning I hadn't run for 2 weeks. I had a stonking cold 2 weeks ago that really laid me low, and even though I intended to run on the Friday before I went to London I just didn't feel up to it.

I went to London and had a great time, but when I came back I was really quite scared at the thought of going for a run and not being able to do the distance. Well today I went and ran for 10 minutes twice with two 3 minute walk breaks. Apart from my calves feeling like rocks until I did my stretches I was fine. All the worry was for nothing. So my RFL is next Sunday, and my schedule for the week goes like this:

Monday run 12 walk 3 x 2

Weds Run 15 walk 2 x 2

Friday run 8 walk 2 x 3


So those of you that worry if you miss a run or two, take heart, it doesn't do as much damage as you think it will.

Kit XX


  • Well done you, sounds like you will fly round the RFL! Did my first race a fortnight ago and can't wait to do the next one, it's such a buzz! Have a lovely day anyway...
  • Hiya Kitanda! My name is Cal, and I'm new to the forum. In fact your post is the first one I read and I notice you mention doing a RFL next Sunday.... It wouldn't happen to be Hampstead would it!? I'm doing Hampstead next w/e... It's my first event and, although I know I can do the distance, I'm quite nervous :-)

  • Kit -

    I knew you would be OK -

    it just goes to show that if you make sensible modifications to your training plan, you don't lose any of the fitness that you have worked so hard for


  • Well done Kitanda, I hope you have a great race next Sunday!

  • There you go what was all the worry about?
    knew you'd be o.k.

    I did a race on Thursday with Fit Chick and we made it round without stopping in a fantastic time I think. 2.5 miles in 26.24. I came 57th out of 67 runners. It was really hot, but you just get carried along with everyone else and you don't notice about the aches and being out of breath too much.
    So what I'm trying to say is that on Sunday you will be absolutely fine and don't forget you're gonna get a medal and a PB.

    Enjoy your race Kitanda, you worked hard for it.

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