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Hi Haile Gebrselassie, my husband and I are huge fan of yours.

My question to you is: What is your weekly training like, if you are training

for a marathon?  Karen Samuel.



  • Hello Haile,

    I am avid fan of yours and deeply respectful of what you have achieved both on and off the athletics scene. I am going to be cheeky and ask 3 questions in the hope that you may answer one of them; so here goes: 

    What are your top tips for runners training for, running in and recovering from a marathon? (1 for each please)

    Secondly, many runners seem to fear/dread the taper before a marathon, how do you cope with yours (assuming that you do taper).

    Finally, what has been your greatest achievement to date (not necessarily running)?

    Yours Sincerely

     Howard Clark

  • Hello Haile-thank you very much for taking the time to answer questions on this forum.

    Your achievements over the years are amazing and I would like to ask you whether you think it will be possible again for British long-distance runners to challenge the very best in the world at distances of 5K upwards ?

    The bar has been raised so high by you and those you have inspired that sub-13 and sub-27 are now required in order to challenge the very best.How do you think the most talented,aspiring UK runners can develop themselves to run so incredibly fast ?

  • Hello Haile,

    Another big fan of you and I have the utmost respects for all your achievements.  My question is regarding nutrition:  What do you eat during the most intense phases of your training, both for fuel and for recovery?

  • Hi Haile,

  • Hi Haile,

  • Hi Haile,

  • Hi Haile,

  • Hi Haile,

  • Hi Haile,

  • Hello Haile

    I raced against you in London but unfortunately you beat me image

    Anyway, here's my question - what pace do you run your long runs at? 

    Best wishes from a huge fan


  • All Hail the Haile sorry bad i know!! but you are a legend

    anyways my question is:-

    Do you have any post/pre match must do routines?

     Thank you

  • Hi there,

    Apologies for any confusion - to submit your questions for Haile please click on the links above or go straight to the following page:


    Alice RW

  • Also submitted via that link...

    Say for example you are only allowed to do one "quality" session per week. What session do you do?

  • Hi Haile

    Will You come for Olympic Games - London 2012 , I hope Yes image


  • Total respect for a truly great athlete - I hope to see you race in 2010
  • Hi Haile,

     As marathon runners we are advised to take on nutrition in the form of gels/drinks etc during a race. However, I never seem to witness the pros (such as yourself) take anything more than a quick drink when I watch the television coverage!!!!!

    What do you tend to take on during a race and at what time/distance?

    Michael Rix - Farnham Runners

  • Hi Haile,

    When do you think we will see a sub 2:00 hour marathon and do you think you will accomplish this in your career?  

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    i love the way everyone's ignored Alice from RW clearly saying mid way down this link that you have to submit your questions elsewhere!

    Sort it out people  image

  • Hi Haile,

     What's your favourite colour?

  • Haile, I am in awe of what you have achieved in your life.

    My question to you is, what makes you smile?
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭


    Do you think people are trying to be funny, or just are just completey unobservant posting questions here when they've clearly been told to post them at another link!image

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


     I'm not Haile so i can't answer for him, but maybe people don't read the other posts, but just post anyway if this is the case they won't see your post or mine

    Or they could be trying to be funny

  • Stevie G wrote (see)


    Do you think people are trying to be funny, or just are just completey unobservant posting questions here when they've clearly been told to post them at another link!image

    Don't worry, posted my question directly but thought it would be funny anyway. image
    Would like to know what makes him smile as he's always smiling. image
  • Haile - what is the most amount of pints you've ever drank and still remained standing?

  • @Michael Rix - You can't have been watching or listening!  Brendan and Steve burble endlessly on about the athlete's special drinks which (at big city races) are at special tables, which contain electrolytes replacements etc.  The reason they don't eat is because eating during a marathon isn't necessary, unless you're doing it in a diving suit!  Haile's only on his feet for a couple of hours - I regularly do my Sunday run for 2 - 2.5 hours without eating or drinking anything.
  • Hi Haile

    who is your favourite member of Westlife? 

  • @Edward. Thxs for that. I'm well aware of them drinking but it's the gel issue that I'm intrigued by.

    I too get through my long runs without gels but I'm interested in refuelling for max effect (by pros) in races. I'm looking at 2 33 at London so any pro help I can get would be valuable.

  • Hi Haile

     I am trying to run sub 1:30 for a half marathon at freckleton in June.  My current best is 1:32.  Are you available to be my pacemaker?  I would be eternally grateful!

    My cousin married an Ethiopian girl last year and she got me an Ethiopia vest so, if you wear yours too, we will look like a team.

    You are the greatest.

    Kind regards

    Steve Radcliffe

  • Can't you ask Paula to help you, Steve.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Rob-H wrote (see)

    Hi Haile

    who is your favourite member of Westlife? 

    Sorry to break it to you Rob, but they disbanded several years ago. image

    However if you wanted to know Hailie's favourite member of Glee cast or JLS, then you might get an answer. image

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