Route planning software

A while back I saw RW offering route planning software to new subscribers. This software allows you to plan your routes and measure the distance accurately.

Any idea where I can buy this?


  • There are basically three to choose from :-

    1. Accuroute which is $19

    2. Trailgauge which is free or $19 if you want a GPS interface

    3. Little Red Frog which is £12 I think.

    I'm the author of Trailgauge which I wrote after I saw how awful Accuroute was. I think Chris Tarpey, the author of Little Red Frog had the same idea.

    Download them all and see which one is best for you.
  • Don't know what happened to the other link but it was :-

    3 Trailgauge which is free or $19 if you want a GPS interface.
  • I think Trailgauge is fab (and no, I don't know Andrew & I'm not being paid)
  • Tried trailgauge today - it looks excellent for GPS users, and Andrew has today kindly told me how to get it working properly for NI maps until he updates the program for us Nor'n Ironers...

  • Thanks for all the input. I have downloaded both Trailguage and Accuroute. Without being paid by Andrew I confirm that I prefer Trailguage. The best map I could find was on the Ordnance Survey website and it has been great at accurately measuring my local running circuits. I had measured all in the car but was not sure whether this would over or under read (the car was out by +.2 of a mile).

    Thanks again for the input and the software!

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