Steyning Triathlon 2nd May

Hopefully the title is self-explanatory but just in case...

...anyone else doing the Steyning Triathlon on 2nd May? - am doing the sprint as my first race of the season.


  • Hi Mandel, yep, I'm in, doing the sort of Olympic distance one as my training race for Swashbuckler. Wil be fully pirated up (unless cold or rainy, obviously!image)

    Have you done it before? If so can you tell me how they do the pool bit? Also what are the roads like? Not sureI'm totally chuffed with the idea of an A road bike leg?

  • I looked to do this one when booking a couple in as it is just up the road.  It's hubby's birthday so I avoided it......this week my lovely man has informed me he is out all day at some car racing thingie! image  I may toodle along to cheer though. image
  • Yay! Pirate Fan Club! imageimageimage

    Which ones have you entered then, Saffers?

  • I'm doing the Bananaman Tri in July and Southwater Relay in September. image  Well, here's hoping it's a Fan Club with more than one member on the day. image
  • Sorry have been interviewing prospective summer interns all morning so off the computer.

    No never done it before but parents live close by and used to go to Lancing College so no the area well. I am doing the sprint though as big race is Vit so much later on (then copying your efforts last year and doing London as my Oly!)

    Not sure how the pool will work - think it is 4 to a lane kind of stuff, slowest goes first but don't quote me on that. Nothing much to worry about on the bike. It is an A road (main one from Horsham into Brighton so can be reasonably busy) but it is fairly wide and lots of opportunities for cars to pass so hopefully shouldn't be a problem. Also relatively flat although there is a slight smallish drag on the first part.  The only slight worry I have is the massive roundabout which joins A roads from Brighton, Worthing and Horsham (called the Washington roundabout). It used to scare the crap out of me when I was learning to drive so have no idea what it'll be like on a bike!!!

    Anyway I will be there in full pirate gear as well so look forward to seeing you there (hopefully both of you if Saffers can make it - Saffers is there still entry room, maybe you can still get in?

  • I hope to be there to cheer you on as I am now going to be alone on that day.  I did have a look at entries but feel that my budget won't stretch to another.........will keep my eye on it though as starting a new job next week so cashflow may be better. image
  • We used to kick Lancing's butt's on the sports field! (Tonbridge!) Suspect it may be different on 2nd!

    Mandel wrote (see)

    Sorry have been interviewing prospective summer interns all morning so off the computer.

    Surely that simply involves at looking at the application photos?!image
  • Aliaird wrote (see)

    We used to kick Lancing's butt's on the sports field! (Tonbridge!) Suspect it may be different on 2nd!

    Ha ha - almost went to Tonbridge as was county rugby captain and Wasps academy but in the end went to Lancing as all my mates were going there from previous school. Was awesome but the rugby there was fairly budget (we only playes one term and it was second choice to hockey). When were you there as know a couple of guys who went there?

  • Just found my start time - 6am! First swimmer off image

    Means with an hour drive I'll be settingthe alarm for 4am latest I think image

    Your Sprint is at a sensible time. Will keep an eye out. I'll be very yellow and black as well.

    Forecast doesnt look great though...

  • yeah spotted the ridiculous start time. Am off at 8.30 so a bit more leisurely. Heading down to folks house this afternoon near Pulborough so only about half an hour drive...

  • Alaird that is a blinking early swim time!!!! Weather is not looking great either.......good luck to you and Mandel.....I may get there to cheer but the tri coach is badgering me to go on my frist tri ride!  Undecided whether I am brave enough to go out with them.........much rather come and cheer, although you could well be done by the time I get there. image
  • How did you two get on with this on Sunday.   I didn't make it down....braved the tri club ride for the first time in the pouring rain! image  One of the tri club fellas was down doing it though and apparently came first in his age group.

    So how was it?  Enjoyable....hard going in that rain although had you finished by the time the rain started Alaird?

  • I really enjoyed it Saffers, though I wasnt very quick and had a shocker in the two transitions. I missed most of the rain fortunately. A light drizzle as I ran wasn't really an issue. I saw Mandel in Transation as I finished my run and waited to see him come back thinking he was out on the bike, but missed him and caught up with him after he finished his run. 

    On the drive home it utterly hammered down and I feel sorry for anyone out in that. hopefully it can't have been many, possibly a few of the slower sprinters, I'm not sure. I'm not sure I would have gone out on the bike in that!

  • Sounds a good one to have a go at next year for me then.  What was the pool like?  How many lanes? Any congestion issues?  I always worry about pool swims and hold ups.  Glad you enjoyed it. 

    That rain would have been very unpleasant for the slower runners.  I was out in that hammering rain.......soaked to the skin but still had fun cycling in a much more sociable. image

  • Was a really good event and would defo recommend it Saffers for next year.

    The pool was a bit cramped with four to a lane and four lanes. Particularly as I had put down 10 mins for the swim and then improved between entering the race and racing.  Meant I was in a lane with breaststrokers and had to keep overtaking (overtook one guy three times in my 16 lengths as he was stopping at each end - why he wasn't in the very first batch of Sprint I have no idea as he must have taken over 20 mins). Apparently I was a bit of a lane hog according to my wife and swam over a couple of people a bit (I put it down to my only previous tri was in the sea and had a brutal swim so that's what I was used to!) Still I reckon if you had an accurate swim time it would have been fine - did a shade over 8 mins so was pretty chuffed.

    Bike was really good - hoping for about 50mins as haven't really done any rides over 30mins non stop on the road yet this year. So was over the moon to just break 40mins. I did lose my bike computer though as it flew off the bike near the start of the ride (thanks for helping me look afterwards Ali!)

    Run was also good - got into a bit of a race with a guy who had just overtaken me on the bike and chased him all the way to the end. Rain started really heavily about 30 mins after I finished so caught some of the later Sprint starters but luckily I missed it.

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