Early Moring Run

This has probably been asked loads of times but what do you eat before a morning run? I've tried dried fruit, dry cereal, rice cakes, malt loaf,water (not all together I might add!!) but I just can't seem to get the balance right any other ideas would be appreciated.


  • PenPot
    I think it's very much down to the individual. I personally find that I am best running on a relatively empty stomach ie morning runs are better for me than evening. I seem to be more sluggish in the day or evening. As a result, I generally either eat nothing or just a banana but I do always drink a cuppa tea AND loads of water before I leave for the run. Depends how far you run also. Anything over an hour and you may be best with isotonic drinks also.
  • As RRR, for runs up to an hour PenPot, i manage very well on a pint of water. A late supper of a bowl of cereals the night before the run probably helps. Also, if i need some motivation early in the morning during the run, the thought of a nice breakfast when i get back usually spurs me on.
  • I agree with the motivation bit.... Breakfast for me is the meal of the day... Added motivation is that if you want to lose weight (specifically fat), more chance of doing it when you have not eaten before the run, I believe.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    A ripe banana, pint of water and a cup of tea.
  • Some water, sometimes a sports drink, and .......... that's it!!!
  • It's an individual thing. I have a similar problem running afetr work. A banana and peanut butter sarnie works for me - lots of carbs and fills a hole without being too heavy - just need an hour to let it go down.
  • I fall out of bed, go to the loo, drink half a cup of water and set off on my 16 miler at 6am every Sunday morning.

    If I eat or drink any more than this I find that I get a stitch.

    I stuff my face when I get back though !
  • Exactly AW, though I put my gear on before I go out !!!! And that applies for ALL my runs.
  • Penpot.
    One large mug of tea and a visit to the loo are all I have before I run early morning. Usually I do an hour but at the weekend it could be 2 hours. On the long weekend runs I take a sports drink so I don't run out of fuel.

    Like Andrew says, it's great when you come back and can really enjoy something to eat.
  • On my short morning runs of 4-5M I have a banana & some water.
    Before my longer runs weetabix with milk & a banana & a sport's drink if running 2hrs +
    I can eat something like bread, cereal bars or lumps of homemade cake just before ruuning with no problem.

    My advice is to experiment & see what suits you.

    I aggree about looking forward to breakfast during long runs. On these day's I eat breakfast twice! a small one before & as much as I can find afterwards.
  • 2 slices of toast and a bowl of cereal before short morning runs.

    Same before races / long runs.

    Never seems to bother me, but if I eat within 4 hours of an evening run/ race I suffer.
  • I generally don't eat anything. For a very long run (13 miles plus) I'll carry a drink of water with me. I just don't feel like anything to eat before my run normally.

    I eat when I get back and if it's a prticularly long run (18 miles tomorrow) then I treat myself to something nice from the local shop on my return.

  • 2 slices of toast with honey, cup of coffee, water

    Toast and honey are easily digested, coffee helps digestion and wakes me up, water to counteract the diuteric effect of the coffee
  • cheerios skimmed milk and sliced bannana....also mug of strong coffee. And toast and more coffee when I return.
  • I agree with Damo. Before a long run I always have a toasted English muffin with honey - easily digested. I experimented for a while with cereal, toast, yogurt, fruit, porridge etc and found that the muffin option works a treat!!
    Sometimes will have a banana aswell + loads of water and a small glass of cranberry juice!
  • pint mug of coffee with soya milk and a bagel...usually wait about an hour....
    if i run with an empty stomach in the morning i feel light headed and sick and weak after 10 mins or so, so this really isn't an option....no idea how all you guys cope, or maybe i'm just greedy !
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