Back pain

With less than 2 weeks til the VLM, Im getting a pain halfway down my back but only on the left hand side. Walking is slightly uncomfortable, but bending over causes no problem whatsoever. If I sit down and lean to the right, I get a sharp pain, but nothing when I lean left. Its starting to become a worry this close to race day.

Has anybody else had anything similar? Could it be caused by muscle imbalance in my back? Whats the best way to treat this kind of muscular problem and could it be sorted by 25th April? I realise that its probably too late for full remedial action so my focus now is to treat it and coax it through 26.2 miles.



  • Hi Gazza,

    It sounds similar to something I've had before that was caused by a twisted pelvis and a locked bone as a result. My symptoms included muscle pain in back, glutes and hamstring so it may well not be quite the same. Luckily I was advised to go and see an excellent local osteopath who put me right and within a couple of weeks I was back to normal.

    If you can afford to visit someone like that it really is worth it - better than suffering for 26.2 miles and many days afterwards!

    Hope everything goes well for VLM for you! image

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