high h/r

i have been running since sept2002 ,training for flm, which i completed
everything o.k since just usual stuff,black toenails etc.

in recent couple of weeks i have noticed my heart rate has increased,by 10-20% on my runs i feel fine otherwise
no temp or anything , im hoping that it is simply to do with heat time of year,as i havent run in heat of summer before,

any wise bod out there can tell me this is case?????


  • Was for me this morning

    I hate going out when it's warm. As I have a horrifically high HR anyway - there's no reserve at all - so I ended up having to walk/jog a route which I ran round last Tuesday with no problems
  • phew! just back from a run, i ony comleted two thirds though. I thought i was alone suffering in the heat? H/R was a simmilar story. Anybody else find performance drop if not used to the heat??
  • definitely
    i think most peeps at FLM found this the case too
  • thanks all,
    just cancelled my appointment with cardiologist!!!!!
  • Hi,

    I ran the sheffield marathon (full) today for the third time with the temps hitting well above 26c!! Although i managed a PB of 3hr14m, the general standed overall was much lower due to the heat (the race usually run in april)despite the fact there was more runners. The heat of summer plays a big part in performance and that is why there is much less longer runs at this time of year.
  • But scott
    there are loads of marathons on at the moment
  • Full marathons Hippo??

    We have got sheffield/Stoke/Blackpool/Isle of White to name a few i know of but after these it calms down in July/August due to the heat in these months which are generally to hot for full marathon running! In the months of April/May/September/October we are flooded with marathons all over the country due to the better temps at these times of year.
  • I thought you meant now, Scott

    Cos as you say, there are a few on at the moment

    Mind you, september can be pretty hot
  • I know what you mean about the heat, just went for a short run, usually can get to 4.5 miles OK and today struggled to 3. I was soaked in sweat and absolutly tuckered at the end. My legs feel like they have lead weights attached to them. I was taking in water all the way round it was so clammy and hot.

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