Running Hot!!!

I am doing the 10 miler at Thirsk tomorrow. It is going to be blisteringly hot - conditions I have not run in before. What additional preperations should I take?


  • i guess water
    And Sunblock
  • Make sure the Guinness is on ice for when you finish.... Im doing the 13.1 at Dunfermline tomorrow.. looks like a high of 19 degrees tomorrow . least its not as bad as 22 as earlier forcast.
  • PLENTY of water and a sponge + extra water to sponge your head/face to keep cool!
  • Thanks for your response. Hopefully there will be plenty of watering stations given the conditions. I've got a cap, got some cool water. I have hydrated all day Saturday (got a beer belly with doing that). Looking forward to the race.
  • Sodahead .. how did you find Thirsk conditions?
    Did you get round okay? I felt ill for about an hour after the race and returned home beetroot red with the sun.I think more drinks stations would have been the order of the day.
  • I did the dunfermline 1/2 which was hot too. I'll remember sunblock next time conditions like that- got red arms and neck!
  • How about a cool, soggy pancake?
  • At the Dunfermline 1/2 I noticed alot of first aiders specially keen to offer their tubs of vasaline......when I later thought about it I was wondering if I was mistaken and it was suncream they were offering??????
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