Stomach ache

Hi, don't suppose anyone else has had this problem. Twice after running for longer than half and hour, I have developed a stomach ache. At first I just thought I'd strained by abs but the second time I felt really sick with it. I ate about 2 1/2 hours before (light snack) so I don't think it was lack of food.

Could it be dehydration? if so haow much should I be drinking and what, water? juice? I've only been running for three months and I'm still finding my feet, so to speak.

Any ideas on what causes this or how to prevent it would be gratefully received, because I have an early morning run tomorrow, which I might add is also my birthday and I don't want to feel sick for the rest of the day.


  • You couldn't be wearing shorts that are too tight maybe? I had a bit of a tendency for a while to wear my shorts quite high and I found I would get stomach ache after about an hour of running. I loosened the shorts and dropped them down a bit and that has helped a lot.

    Just a possibility.
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