Running after Knee Arthroscopy

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    I had a arthroscopy and lateral release yesterday and wondered what the response had been to the question you asked regarding your treatment.  I really hope that its all worth the pain !  How long were you off running for ?  and how is it now ?

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    Good evening

    Well I had knee arthroscopy for a medial tear in my left knee.    The surgery was nine weeks today.   I went back to see the consultant after 4 weeks.  He told me not to run until 6 weeks.  I took his advice and this is just what I did.  Although, I felt I probably could run before.  But I know quite a few runners who have run before.  And this has set them back.   Do make sure you ice your knee regularly and try to keep it as elevated as possible.  Take it easy for the first week.   I made sure I did all the exercises I was told to do religiously.   I had physio after 2 weeks.  And I also bought myself a fold up exercise bike to use.  I started using the bike with no resistance just after 3 weeks.  The bike really helped to build the muscles back in the knee.  But remember you need to start off really slowly.  As if you don't your  knee won't heal as quickly as it should do.  

    I started running again at 6 weeks.  I ran only in the gym on the treadmill to start with. In fact, I did interval training for the first week.    As my knee at that time did not seem to have the stability it had before.    But within 2 weeks of taking it slow with my running.  I found it much more easier.  And now it is week 9 my knee feels absolutely great.  In fact, I have just come back from a run now (outside) and managed to run just over 5 miles.  It was wonderful.

    I hope you are not in too much pain.  My knee was quite painful for the first 3 days and really after that the pain really eased off.  I am sure you will be running again.  Just like me.  But you do have to remember to take is slow.  I was very tempted to run also before the 6 weeks.   But now when I think about it I really don't think I would have been able to. 

    Just take it easy at first.  I know that everyone is so different.   Let me know how you are getting on in a week or so.  You will find it much easier as the time goes on.  I know how agonising is feels to not be able to run.  But the time does go by fairly quickly.

    Take care and look after yourself.

  • Thanks very much for your advice- it gives me a glimmer of hope that I will get back to running again and it maybe better than before !  It is all very sore right now but thankyou and I will let you know how it goes-
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