30 minutes at last

I am running for 30 mins three times a week for the first time in my life. I has just completed my first week at this level!
I have a question to ask my fellow runners. It is Like me do you say hello and smile at people you meet or run past, If so, Have you ever had no one say anything or even act rude towards you. Or is it just me. By the way I run in Ealing if there are any other runners from Ealing here???


P.S 30mins non stop!!!!!!!!!


  • Well done mate!!!!!

    When i lived in S wales, i was ignored
    but the Black Country is v friendly, even pedestrians say good morning

    guess they are used to runners
  • Maybe it's just Ealing!!! :)
  • well, i wouldnt have run in londodn when i lived there:))
  • 30 mins - thats great going.. I sometimes say hello but its mostly very mature ( 70 plus!) men with dogs who no doubt feel sorry for me when out plodding.......
  • Always smile and say hello, except to rowers blocking the path with their boats whom I greet with a cheery "fuck off".
    Teddington too far to plod to Ealing I fear.
  • Well done on your 30 mins. You're now a runner and no longer a plodder. In Feltham, I get ignored, but it may be me scaring people off with my early morning frowns.
  • When I was running yesterday morning I passed two other runners (at separate times, going to the other way) and they didn't even smile or nod - not a single 'hello'. I nodded a hello, but didn't get a single reply.

    Runners round here (Tonbridge) don't seem to be particularly friendly - although it could have been the heat making them grumpy.

    Congrats on your 30 mins. Great stuff..
  • Thanks guys, Yeah I even get other runner blank me. Maybe it's because i'm 6foot 3 inches! or maybe not!
  • I make a point of saying 'Morning' to other runners - almost all of them respond with a smile. But no other runner has ever said 'Morning' to me!!!

    Well done on the 30 mins
  • I've just come back from a run. i see the same man and women every week. And every week i give them a nod and a smile and every week they look straight through me.Im gonna give up on them. But most people nod back or smile.
  • I wonder why people do this?
  • Well done on your 30 mins! I always say "morning" or "hello" or just nod and almost always get a smile or a "morning" back. Sometimes people are obviously too out of breath to answer though!
  • Well done! I see lots of runners when I'm out plodding in Blackheath (especially in Greenwich Park) but I'm always too embarrassed by my speed (well, lack of it) to even look them in the eye. Maybe I'll try smiling and nodding when I'm out tomorrow and then I can report back on how friendly folk are!
  • Hi there, I'm Acton based and often run on the common and around gunnersbury park.

    Lots of runners round there seem to be off in a world of their own and "try" not to see me.

    I always try to smile and say hello to ones who seem aware of their surroundings.-

    I enjoy the look of shock followed by the smile you usually get.

    It's fun to say hello to the dog walkers too, they just look so surprised:-)
  • I guess it must be me. Well being 6 foot 3 and 14 and half stone, maybe I look like I'm going to rob them!!! ( not at my speed ) Gunnersbury park is a good park for running. :)
  • I always acknowledge other human beings, though the greeting-noise I make depends on how far into my plod I am. If they're rude enough to ignore me that's their problem. I just don't warn them about the four-foot deep puddle I've just jumped over, or the slavering beast waiting behind the next tree (though to be honest, my husband doesn't OFTEN hide there).
  • Mikie

    Well done on your running, keep it up, just think back to how far you have come in a short time!

    As to acknowledging others:-
    I always make a point of smiling and say Hi as I pass people. I also say 'excuse me' if I need to pass them, then 'thank you' when passed. So far I have found when out running most other runners do acknowledge me, even if it is just raising their hands in greeting. The other week one group of men were running the same circit my husband and I was but in the opposite direction. When we passed again further round they laughed and said 'have we met somewhere before?

    If people are so ignorant and don't acknolwedge us as we run by then it's up to them, at least I know I was friendly.


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