please help

can somebody help.
im doing sheffield marathon 2morrow but i carnt get 2 sleep.
ive tryed everything from a hot bath 2 a cup of horliks.
any ideas cos im up at 6.
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!


  • Is it nerves or what?

    If you're too hot then try wiping yourself all over with a cold flannel.

    If it's nerves then not much I can say other than don't try too hard to get to sleep, it'll make it worse if you worry.

    Good luck with it, and the race tomorrow :)
  • Im tired and doing a 1/2 tomorrow Dumfermline ... i recommend 1 bottle of red wine and salt and vinigar pringles ... dont know if I will go B4 the pringles are done or not ... The wine finished 2 hours ago
  • Tried meditation?
    Try counting your breath. Count the out breath, 1st one as 1 count, 2nd one 2 counts etc. Work up to 10 and then start again. Don't treat it as a test, just relax and concentrate on your breath.

    Or try concentrating on each part of your body until it relaxes. Start with toes and work really slowly up to your head. Hopefully you'll be so relaxed you'll just drop off!

    Too hot at the mo, I can't sleep either. Good luck for tomorrow!
  • thanks people
    think its nerves
    good luck 2 all runners 2morrow
    weather uyour racein or not
    no wine but plenty of crisps
    il have a midnight snack
    see if that will help
    talk to u soon(hope not)
  • Sex !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    yes please Nicko......
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    oh, see what you mean. oops
  • If I'm trying too hard to get to sleep, and fretting about it affecting my performance is making it worse, I recall what one of my colleagues told me.

    He was cycling at high altitude in the Himalayas (his idea of a break from work!). The altitude meant that he couldn't breathe properly and kept him awake in his tent, yet he had to be fit to cycle each day.

    He just repeated to himself "this is body-rest, this is body-rest". I do this now - it calms me down, and makes me feel that my body is getting rested even if I am not actually sleeping.

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